Tap, Snap, Or Nap: Top 22 Subs From 2022


2022 was a wild year for grappling. Between ADCC, the IBJJF circuit, and WNO, we were treated to some of the greatest performances (and finishes) ever seen. 

Every 'best-of' list is sure to have omissions, oversights, and various misgivings. Still, despite this, we felt we had to chronicle what we consider the best submissions from a phenomenal year.  The top six submissions include the FloGrappling award winners and nominees for best submissions.

  1. Haisam Rida Submits Cyborg - ADCC 2022 World Championships
  2. Gordon Ryan submits Andre Galvao - ADCC 2022 World Championships
  3. Josh Cisneros Submits Gianni Grippo- ADCC 2022 West Coast Trials
  4. Mica Galvao Hits Coyote Armlock - ADCC 2022 South American Trials
  5. J-Rod Submits Covin With A Buggy Choke - ADCC 2022 West Coast Trials
  6. Diego Pato Z. Submits Kenney With Z-Lock - ADCC 2022 World Championships
  7. Kade Ruotlo Submits Mica Galvao In the Final - ADCC 2022 World Championships
  8. Maria Malyjasiak Captures Pans Gold With From The Crucifix - IBJJF 2022 Pans
  9. Isaac Doederlein submits Samuel Nagai With Brutal Footlock - IBJJF 2022 World Championships
  10. Gordon Ryan Secures 10-Second Submission over Rosevelt Sousa - ADCC 2022 World Championships
  11. Fion Davies Finds the strangle submission -ADCC 2022 World Championships
  12. Francisco Lo's Insane Flying Triangle - IBJJF 2022 No-Gi Worlds
  13. Mayssa Bastos Secures Third Europeans Title With Armbar Submission - IBJJF 2022 European Championships
  14. Tainan Dalpra finishes Roberto Jimenez With A Triangle - IBJJF 2022 Pan Championships
  15. Nicholas Meregali finds the armbar in the absolute - IBJJF 2022 World Championships
  16. Izaak Michell becomes the WNX champ after 2hr match against Kyle Chambers- WNX Finale
  17. Brianna Ste-Marie secures the win with 30 seconds left - ADCC 2022 West Coast Trials
  18. Sophia Cassella finds the heel hook submission against Jessie Crane- WNO
  19. Samuel Nagai Hits 18-Second Submission - IBJJF 2022 World Championship
  20. Luke Griffith Secures Fastest WNO Submission - WNO: Ryan vs Couch
  21. Tommy Langaker finishes a Tarikoplata - IBJJF 2022 World Championships
  22. Elisabeth Clay Earns No-Gi Worlds Gold Over Vanessa Griffith- IBJJF 2022 No-Go Worlds Gold