Onnit Invitational: EBI Rules Explained!

Onnit Invitational: EBI Rules Explained!

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Curtis, 10th Planet Austin instructor and brown belt under Eddie Bravo, explains the rules that will be used for the Onnit Invitational.

EBI Rules – the basics
• Matches are 10-minutes
• Submission only – no points
• If nobody gets a submission, we go to overtime rounds.

EBI Overtime Rules
• Competitors flip a coin to decide who goes first
• Competitors choose to start attacking from the back or 'spiderweb' position (armbar)
• Competitors take turns to attack from chosen position
• If one competitor submits, and the other does not (opponent escapes), he is declared winner
• If both competitors escape, we move to the next overtime round (maximum 3 overtime rounds)
• If there are no submissions at the end of the three overtime rounds, the competitor with the fastest combined escape time wins the match.

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