Alliance Captures Another Team Title Thanks To 'New Generation' Brown Belts

New Generation Gives Alliance Euro Team Title

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Alliance captured yet another team title this past weekend at the European Championships, but did so not on the strength of their black belts but their new crop of talent at brown. We caught up with Alliance's head instructor Fabio Gurgel to find out more about the new talent coming up.

"This tournament was very difficult for us because we didn't bring our main athletes to compete in the black belt division. But the new generation took care of the problem, they did an incredible tournament and we were able to win."

"All the guys that we brought fought very well, Nicholas Meregali, Isaque Bahiense, Hiago Gama, and Adam Benayoun. All the team did very well. We came with a small team but they all did well. We have been working on this for awhile now. We know that the guys from blackbelt are going to start to teach and open their own gyms so they start to lose focus on the competition. So we need to produce more people to take their place. We have really strong brown belts and they will be ready for black when the time comes."

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