Rolling in Rio: Diogo Araujo And His Monster Pressure Passing

Rolling in Rio: 'Moreno' Puts On The Pressure

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Soul Fighters rep Diogo Araujo is a tough middle heavyweight well-known on the Brazilian circuit, and in this installment of Rolling in Rio he shows some of the pressure passing he's well-known for.

Watch out for:
0.29: The switch from hanging out in half guard to putting on the pressure
1.11: Knowing when to give up on the pressure and go mobile in order to reset the grips
1.23: Getting the grips and going back to the pressure pass
1.46: Very well-timed switch to the other side as soon as the grip on the pant leg was released
2.02: That hip control... no running away here, straight into the standing back take
3.58: Nice defense to the backstep while playing De la Riva guard, which almost led to another back-take
5.15: Simple scissor sweep – sometimes the old stuff is the best

Filmed at Soul Fighters, Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro

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