After 3rd Place Finish At ADCC Trials Nicky Ryan Unveils His Next Opponent...

Nicky Ryan Unveils His Next Opponent...

After an impressive 3rd place finish at the 2016 ADCC North American trials 15 year old Nicky Ryan was not satisfied with his performance. The young grappler may not have gotten an invite to the ADCC World Championships in Finland but that doesn't mean he's done trying.

Nicky tells FloGrappling that he'll be doing the West Coast trials next your to get a second chance at qualifying for the mega tournament. In fact his goal is to be the youngest competitor to ever compete in the tournament.

Also of note is that Nicky revealed his next super fight opponent as Kennedy Maciel of Alliance. Kennedy is a purple belt World Champion and son of the legendary World Champion Rubens 'Cobrinha' Charles. Maciel will undoubtedly be Ryan's biggest test to date. He'll be competing along side his older brother Gordon at Studio 540 on December 17th. You can watch the live stream right here on

I think he is very good. I think I'll be able to  get him with the legs, I don't see him attempting too many leg locks in his competitions so I think that's his one weakness.
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