Paulo Miyao Wins ADCC Brazilian Trials: 'My Focus This Year Is ADCC'

Paulo Miyao Wins ADCC Brazilian Trials

Top featherweight Paulo Miyao has confirmed his participation in his first ADCC World Championships after winning the -66kg division of the ADCC Brazilian Trials in Rio de Janeiro.

The win comes one week after Miyao was DQ'd for an alleged "fixed match" with teammate Thalison Soares at the ADCC Trials in Sao Paulo. Both grapplers were disqualified from the tournament when officials believed them not to fighting for real. ADCC rules will often seed teammates early in the brackets to prevent closeouts, with double DQs a commonly-wielded punishment. 

Miyao won six matches to take gold, with four submissions in total. Among those he defeated was Fernando 'Cowboy' Carsalade, Gracie Barra brown belt and younger brother of Felipe Pena. 

Miyao confirms his place at the Worlds in September alongside his Unity Jiu-Jitsu training partners Murilo Santana and Felipe Silva, who qualified by winning the -88kg and -77kg divisions respectively last weekend in Sao Paulo. 

I'm happy because I managed [to win], along with my teacher Murilo [Santana] and training partner Felipe [Silva]. It'll be good to have the three of us there. We're going to win three golds for sure.

Paulo Miyao goes for an omoplata attack on Rafael Hudson Gomes Xavier at the ADCC Brazilian Trials in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Hywel Teague / FloGrappling