Servio Tulio Wins $1k Brown Belt Absolute Bracket

Servio Tulio Wins $1k Brown Belt Absolute

Another brown belt poised for a breakout, Servio Tulio has been quietly sharpening his skills under the tutelage of Felipe Pena for years. After an impressive debut at brown belt last year Tulio is making his mark on 2017.

Already this year he has captured silver at Pans, won the Brazilian qualifier at the Abu Dhabi World Pro and brought home triple gold at the Belo Horizonte Open. To ad to his haul just last weekend, while attending Pena's super-fight in Guam decided to enter the brown belt absolute tournament at the last minute.

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With $1,000 on the line, the opportunity was too good for Gracie Barra brown belt to pass up. The impressively tough tournament featured some of the best athletes on Guam including Trevin Jones and Frank Camacho. It was Tulio however who stood atop the podium when it was all said and done. Check out the exciting finals match above!

Just minutes before the brown belts took the mats Servio's professor Felipe Pena wowed the Guam crowd with a thrilling performance that also saw him pocket $10,000!

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