Danaher Responds To Askren's Critique Of Jiu-Jitsu Training Methods


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Ben Askren caught a lot of heat from jiu-jitsu fans when he went on the Joe Rogan Podcast earlier this year and expressed his displeasure with the way most jiu-jitsu academies trained their students.

Well now finally one of the most critical minds in the sport of jiu-jitsu responds to Askren's general assessment and you'll never guess what Danaher said. Check out the video above to hear his full retort.

Interview Notes:

00:30 - Ben's disdain for the way jiu-jitsu academies are run

01:45 - John further distinguishes the differences between wrestling and jiu-jitsu programs

02:45 - "I'm not allowed to teach the night class. That's when the nice people come in"

03:30 - "What could jiu-jitsu do to further the performance of the athletes?"

04:30 - John discusses why being comfortable leads to failure

05:00 - John's five year plan to radically change an athlete's skillset

06:30 - Is jiu-jitsu doing a good job of improving it's athletes? the answer is NO

07:00 - John talks about the need for change in the way jiu-jitsu is taught and trained

07:30 - My job as a coach has been relatively easy so far

08:40 - The average jiu-jitsu school is not designed to create competence

09:00 - You need to constantly put people striving for excellence outside of their comfort zone

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