World Champ Beatriz Mesquita Reveals Plans for MMA in 2019

Beatriz Mesquita Moving to MMA in 2019

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We met with Beatriz Mesquita, one of the most successful female jiu-jitsu competitors of all-time, at Gracie Humaita South Bay in San Diego, California to shoot another installation of ‘Fix my Game’, the series where elite athletes train with Chase from FloGrappling and try to correct and improve common mistakes in his game.

During the Q&A segment of the show, Bia revealed that she has hopes of strapping on the gloves and entering the arena of Mixed Martial Arts:

“I’m sure if you pull up interviews from a couple years ago, you’d see me saying ‘no, I’d never do [MMA]’, but I’m doing a lot of no-gi and I’m enjoying it now.  I think closing the cage and doing some MMA would be a great challenge.”  

Fear not grappling fans, Mesquita did go on to say that she still intends on fighting in some of the major jiu-jitsu events throughout 2019 while preparing for her debut. Mesquita's eventual   

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