Dream Art: The Alliance Project Turning Colored Belts Into Champions Part 1

Dream Art: Alliance Champions Project Part 1

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A new initiative by Alliance could see the former no.1 team in the world reclaim the top of the podium. 

The powerhouse team have put together a project unlike any other seen in jiu-jitsu. 17 athletes– all highly talented blue to brown belts– live and train together in San Paulo, Brazil. 

They eat, sleep and train jiu-jitsu. Their food is cooked for them, they get access to doctors and trainers, and they even get complimentary English classes. Everything is designed for them to become world-class competitors– and ultimately champions– on and off the mat. 

Project supervisor and 2018 IBJJF World champion Isaque Bahiense is himself a product of a social project. He introduces us to the concept. gives us a tour of the house where they live and explains how the athletes were selected. 

“Normally we will choose them from suggestions. We will talk wit them, try to understand their situation. From there the first invitation was to come and stay for 45 days so we can know and understand them better, see how they fit in. 

“We told them before they arrived that we had sponsors to cover one year but the way things are going we want to last for many more years.”