Chasing Greatness with Mahamed Aly: Why Winning Worlds Was Not Enough

Chasing Greatness with Mahamed Aly

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Chasing Greatness is a new weekly interview series where Chase takes on all topics with your favorite up jiu-jitsu athletes.  No question is off-limits, we’ll just go where the conversation takes us. 

Our inaugural edition features 2018 World Champion Mahamed Aly. 

Topics Discussed: 

  • ADCC / IBJJF Prep: Major goals for preparation, training in the gi, leglocks, and more 
  • Origins In Jiu-Jitsu: iitially was an MMA fighter, Minotauro convinced him to stick with Jiu-Jitsu.  Crazy training sessions 
  • Influences: Training with De La Riva, Andre Galvao 
  • How life changed (and didn't) after becoming a World Champion 
  • The best advice for up and coming athletes 
  • Soltinho - Mahamed’s Weekly interview series on YouTube 
  • Which athletes is Mahamed watching? 

Four Questions:

  • When did you make a significant change to your jiu-jitsu? 
  • When you’ve had a tough day training, how do you get your mind right for the next training session? 
  • What is the best thing your jiu-jitsu off the mats? 
  • Who’s got the one trick that messes up your game?