Chasing Greatness With Geo Martinez: Always In For The Kill


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Geo Martinez is known as one of the greatest athletes to come out of the 10th Planet camp. Among the many topics in this episode of 'Chasing Greatness' we dive into Geo's history with 10th planet, what it means to earn a black belt from Eddie Bravo, and his experience at ADCC. 

Topics discussed :

  • Current Affairs and Subversiv 2 Results
  • Origin Story: Dance Lessons, Open Mats, and a Brand New World.
  • Transition to training with Eddie Bravo as a purple belt.
  • Influences: Eddie Bravo convinced Geo to go pro.
  • High and lows of a professional grappling career.
  • ADCC 2019: Past Experiences, motivation for this years tournament 

Four Questions

If you could change one rule in jiu-jitsu, what would it be? 

Which training partner or friend has the worst nutrition you know? 

Most memorable match (good or bad) 

What advice would you give your blue belt self?