Chasing Greatness With Mikey Musumeci: Train In The Subconscious


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Mikey Musumeci is the only American to ever hold more than a single IBJJF Black Belt World title – and IT's not by chance.

The 23-year-old posses the kind of work ethic and mindset that is unique onto himself, and in this thirty-minute episode, we dive into how he approaches training and learning techniques, the burden of being a world champ, his pivotal match with Bruno Malfacine, and how his career even began.

Topics Include:

  • Current Affairs: Why Mikey Won’t Be AT ADCC
  • The 2019 World Championship Experience
  • Mikey’s Approach To Drilling & learning Technique
  • Embracing the Responsibility of Being A World Champ
  • Influences Coming Up
  • How Life Has Changed as a World Champion
  • Four Questions