"I'm Done": Tom DeBlass Closes Chapter on Competition Career

Tom DeBlass: "I'm Done"

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Anybody who watched KASAI Pro 6 will have seen how emotional Tom Deblass got after winning his match.  

Appearing in front of his friends and family just minutes from his hometown, Deblass won via submission on a very significant date: it was 10 years to the day that he won his first of three ADCC Trials, just one of many highlights in a competition career that included no-gi tournaments, superfights and even professional MMA fights. 

"Winning the trials three times, competing for ADCC, winning No-Gi Worlds, Pans, I'm a lucky guy. At 37 years old now I look back and I wouldn't change a thing." 

With such valuable experiences to offer the grappling community, Deblass sees his role evolving and exclusively revealed to FloGrappling that he's stepping away from competition. 

"Will I compete in a Masters Worlds? Maybe. But my superfights are done. This chapter is closed. I don't want to take away from my students or the people around the world that follow me. When I compete it's a very selfish thing, and now it's time to be selfless and give these experiences to other people. I have nothing more to prove, I have reached my potential and that's a wrap, man."

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