A Walk Through Wynwood With Cyborg


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It's not often we get to sit down with an ADCC absolute champion but in the middle of his busy training schedule Cyborg brought us down to one of the hippest neighborhoods in town to take in the local Miami vibes and talk about the baddest jiu-jitsu tournament in the world.

Interview Notes:

1:00 - Miami vibes!

2:00 - What’s great about Wynwood?

3:00 - Two weeks out from ADCC

5:00 - IBJJF Grand Prix Recap

6:00 - The dark horse of jiu-jitsu

7:00 - Why did Romulo stop competing?

10:00 - Is retirement near? Losing to Nicholas Meregali and coming back with vengeance

12:00 - Proving the doubters wrong

16:00 - Looking back at 10 years of ADCC competition

17:00 - ADCC is unlike any tournament in the world

20:00 - Cyborg’s advice for winning ADCC

23:00 - Winning ADCC Absolute in China (2013)

25:00 -Battling mental demons

28:00 - Battling with yourself

30:00 - Why Cyborg wants to win ADCC 2019

32:00 - Analyzing the team Fight Sports in bring  to ADCC 2019

33:00 - Tom Halpin, Vagner Rocha, BB Monster, 

34:00 - About possibly facing Mahamed Aly

38:00 - Miami Vibes!