Chasing Greatness: From Oz To The Ashram, Levi Jones-Leary's Story Is One Of A Kind


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In case you've been living under a rock for the first sixth months of this year, Levi Jones-Leary burst onto the scene as of the most exciting rookie black belts of the season.

The Australian black belt captured gold medals at the Europeans and Pans Championships and earning wins over names like Lucas Lepri and Renato Canuto, and there was a ton of momentum behind you gong into worlds. However, a lackluster performance saw Levi bomb out of the tournament in the second round, leaving many to wonder how the risings star would react.

Jump into this episode to find out what Levi's been up to as we dive into one of the more interesting characters of our sport.

Current Affairs: Reacting to Worlds, ADCC, and More

Early days

Links 4 Learning, introduced MMA, you shifted to jiu-jitsu where you started training with Guilherme Neves at the Garage Jiu-Jitsu academy.

  • What appealed initially to you about jiu-jitsu?
  • Competition scene in Australia
  • What inspired you to take the competition seriously? 
  • Let's talk about your first major international tournament — what belt were you, and what were those early experiences like?

Training In The United States

-Training With Conbrinha

 - NYC, the Miyaos, And Murilo Santana

Bringing that Energy back to Australia

Spyder  Preview