THE KING: Gordon Ryan Conquers ADCC (Trailer)

THE KING (Trailer)

At 24 years old, Gordon "The King" Ryan has solidified himself as the undisputed P4P #1. 

ADCC is the proving ground for No-Gi grapplers, and stepping onto the podium here can change your life and career. For most athletes, simply medaling is a lifetime achievement. For Gordon Ryan, only submitting 6 out of 8 opponents and earning two more ADCC gold medals was a disappointment. It's clear that Gordon is in a league of his own and the scariest part is, he is just getting started.

Follow Gordon through ADCC 2019 as he plows through the competition effortlessly. Sit beside coach John Danaher during the match and go backstage with the DDS crew. The full film is set to drop  Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 9 pm EST.