Craig Jones Is Back! ADCC, Leg Locks and Snow Leopards | A Fistful of Collars


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Leg lock conniseur, king of jiu-jitsu banter and wearer of leopard print outfits, Craig Jones is one of the most visible no-gi grapplers in the world, and not just because of his awesome choice in board shorts. 

Jones comes back into the FloGrappling studio to discuss:

  • Why his ADCC 2019 sucks, but still has set him up as a household name in grappling
  • What he's learned and how his jiu-jitsu has changed from training with John Danaher 
  • His thoughts on Lachlan Giles' incredible ADCC absolute performance

...and much more! 

Apologies for the lack of an intro, we lost the first few seconds of audio for this episode.

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