Bianca Basilio Has Got The Most Savage Footlock


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The "Basilio Botinha" has become one of the most deadliest attacks utilized by world champion Bianca Basilio. She's so good with it that more often than not she leaves her opponents lying on the mat in tears. 

The secret is not just in her execution but in her combination as she sets it up from on top of open guard, or from the bottom of De La Riva or Single Leg X. Pay close attention to the following: 

1) Her grip is almost always on her lapel as opposed to using both hands. 

2) When her leg placement changes pending on the position she uses it in but she normally hooks her feet, shoelaces behind her opponents hamstring 

3) Before she stretches or arches to execute watch how she sometimes twists her opponent foot away as well. This causes even more pain and damage to the ligaments.