Fix My Game With Yuri Simoes: Pressure Passing Concepts & Strategies

Fix My Game With Yuri Simoes

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Our newest episode of the famed series Fix My Game features 2x ADCC Champion Yuri Simoes to peel the curtain back on some of his favorite pressure passing techniques.

I have known Yuri for many years and watched him mat-side for some of his biggest accomplishments but we had never trained together in the past. So when the opportunity came to learn from such a storied competitor I couldn't help myself. Even if it meant getting smashed by one of the best pressure passers in the game. 

After a brisk ten minutes of wrestling and rolling Yuri put on his professor's hat and went to work on plugging up all the holes in my passing game. From weight distribution to shoulder placement and crushing your opponents soul, Yuri has all the tricks and he reveals it all on this episode of Fix My Game.

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