Flawless Tainan Dalpra Does Double Gold in Austin, Scores 84 Points in 5 Matches

Flawless Tainan Scores 84 Points in 5 Matches

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With a flawless performance at the IBJJF Austin Open, Tainan Dalpra took double gold winning both middleweight and the openweight. 

In total, Tainan scored 84 points in five matches. 53 of those were scored in one match, and nobody was able to score a single point on him. 

He shared his feelings on his performance, and told us what's coming next.

Road to Gold 

Watch all of Tainan's matches below: 

Middleweight semifinal: Tainan Dalpra vs Gerardo Rodriguez 

Middleweight final: Tainan Dalpra vs Austin Oranday 

Abs quarterfinal: Christopher Devin Passerrello vs Tainan Dalpra Costa

Abs semifinal: Levi De Moura Guimarães vs Tainan Dalpra Costa 

Abs final: Tainan Dalpra Costa vs Renan Cruz