Becoming Dangerous: The Rise of Giancarlo Bodoni

FloSports Announces "Becoming Dangerous: The Rise Of Giancarlo Bodoni"

FloSports Announces "Becoming Dangerous: The Rise Of Giancarlo Bodoni"

FloSports Studios proudly announces its newest documentary, "Becoming Dangerous: The Rise Of Giancarlo Bodoni" coming to FloGrappling on January 31st!

Jan 13, 2023 by Michael Sears
FloSports Announces "Becoming Dangerous: The Rise Of Giancarlo Bodoni"

On January 31st, FloSports Studios will release its first feature documentary on FloGrappling of 2023, Becoming Dangerous: The Rise Of Giancarlo Bodoni.

Becoming Dangerous tells the story of Giancarlo Bodoni's meteoric rise in the sport through winning ADCC East Coast Trials and culminating in his dominant performance at the 2022 ADCC World Championship.

ADCC is known as a tournament with the power to create new superstars in the sport of submission grappling. A performance there on the sports biggest stage can take a relatively unknown athlete and propel them into grapplings elite stratosphere, becoming peers with legends such as Gordon Ryan, Marcelo Garcia and Roger Gracie.

ADCC 2022 was the biggest grappling event of all-time, and Giancarlo Bodoni stole the show as one of the emerging stars of the event. This performance resulted in Giancarlo winning the Breakthrough Grappler of the Year for the 2023 FloGrappling Awards.

"The Quickest Technical Evolution That I've Had In My Entire Life"

In late 2019, Giancarlo Bodoni was already an established black belt competitor. He just felt he needed something to get over the hump, to push past the plateau he was stuck on since receiving his black belt.

In the wake of the legendary Danaher Death Squad disbanding, Giancarlo was one of the first athletes to join the newly formed New Wave Jiu-Jitsu under John Danaher in Austin, Texas. While first showing mixed results in competition, John's tutelage quickly patched the holes in Giancarlo's game and influenced some changes to his mentality that took him to the next level. Becoming Dangerous chronicles this incredible transformation process.

"At ADCC 2022 Giancarlo Figured Out How Good He Is"

Entering ADCC 2022 as a trials winner, Giancarlo was not considered one of the favorites to win the 88kg division. With several former champions and medalists in the weight class, just making the podium would have been considered the biggest accomplishment of his career by far.

Over two days in September, in a bracket that included ADCC and IBJJF world champions, Giancarlo came out victorious. He not only reached the top of the podium in Las Vegas, he did so in dominant fashion. Becoming Dangerous is the tale of that journey, the real life example of hard work paying off in a big way.

Becoming Dangerous: The Rise Of Giancarlo Bodoni Drops January 31st

Be on the lookout first for the official trailer for Becoming Dangerous, dropping on Monday, January 16th. Then the full length feature documentary will be available exclusively on FloGrappling on Tuesday, January 31st.