Tezos WNO 19: Meregali vs Duarte Presented by Fat Tire

Ethan Crelinsten Eyes WNO Lightweight Championship. Here's What To Know

Ethan Crelinsten Eyes WNO Lightweight Championship. Here's What To Know

Ethan Crelinsten faces Dante Leon at WNO 19 for the lightweight championship on Aug. 10 in Austin at the Palmer Center. Here's what to know about him.

Aug 9, 2023 by Joe Harrington

Ethan Crelinsten will attempt to win the WNO Lightweight Championship at WNO 19 as he faces Dante Leon on Aug. 10 in Austin, Texas at the Palmer Center. 

The championship match is part of the main card at Tezos WNO: Meregali vs. Duarte and Crelinsten is no stranger to WNO competition. 

Crelinsten is 1-2 at WNO events. 

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In November 2022, Crelinsten used a rear naked choke to submit Fabricio Andrey to earn his first WNO win. This time, he'll be fighting for the title once held by Kade Ruotolo. Ruotolo issued Crelinsten both of his losses on Tezos WNO.

The championship match is just one of handful of intriguing bouts on the card and one two title matches at the event. 

The co-main events feature Nicholas Meregali and Kaynan Duarte in a heavyweight bout as well as WNO champion Ffion Davies in a title bout with Jasmine Rocha.  

WNO: Meregali vs. Duarte features a stacked card along with one-half its co-main event, Nicholas Meregali facing Kaynan Duarte in a heavyweight bout.

Meregali made quick work of Pedro Marinho in the last WNO event in May, but now faces Duarte, the 2022 ADCC World Champion in the -99kg division. Duarte won gold in the super-heavyweight division at the 2023 IBJJF European Championships.

Here's what to know about Ethan Crelinsten. 

Ethan Crelinsten and Kade Ruotolo Had FloGrappling Match Of The Year In 2021

Not only is Crelinsten a veteran of WNO, but his match with Kade Ruotolo was named the 2021 Match of the Year. 


Why Is Kade Ruotolo No Longer The WNO Lightweight Champion?

Ruotolo beat Crelinsten twice at WNO, but since Ruotolo moved up a weightclass, 170 pounds, he has sized-out of the division, vacating the title he won at the 2021 WNO Championship against Gabriel Sousa. 

Where Is Ethan Crelinsten From?

Crelinsten, 29, is from Monreal, Canada. He currently trains with B-Team but has also trained with John Danaher and the Renzo Gracie Academy as a member of the prestigious Danaher Death Squad.

What BJJ Belt Is Ethan Crelinsten?

Crelinsten was given his black belt by Danaher in November 2020. His teammate Nicky Ryan received his belt on the same day. 

Ethan Crelinsten Joined Craig Jones, Nicky Ryan & Nicky Rodriguez To Form B-Team

Crelinsten formed B-Team alongside Craig Jones, Nicky Ryan and Nicky Rodriguez when Danaher Death Squad disbanded. Crelinsten now trains in Austin, Texas. 

Ethan Crelinsten Among Best Lightweight Submission Grapplers

There's a reason Crelinsten is competing for the lightweight championship: He is a submission expert. FloGrappling's Joe Gilpin broke down the match between he and Leon, also an expert submission grappler, and credited the body lock: 

"Ethan has long arms that make that body lock really strong, and he likes to use that position to upset his opponent's balance and from there hop on the back.

WNO: Meregali vs. Duarte Full Card

Main Card:


How To Watch WNO: Nicholas Meregali vs. Kanyan Durate On FloGrappling

The next Tezos WNO event is Aug. 10 in Austin, Texas at the Palmer Events Center. 

The co-main event of Nicholas Meregali vs. Kanan Durate is a no-gi match. The card also includes Felipe Pena, Nicky Ryan and more. Tezos WNO: Meregali vs. Duarte will stream on FloGrappling and the FloSports app. 

Replays of the matches will be available on both platforms.