Tezos WNO 19: Meregali vs Duarte Presented by Fat Tire

Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO 19: Meregali vs Duarte

Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO 19: Meregali vs Duarte

Get the latest news and real-time results from Tezos WNO 19: Meregali vs Duarte on Aug. 10.

Aug 10, 2023 by Liam Stein
Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO 19: Meregali vs Duarte

Follow along for real-time results, updates & more from Tezos WNO 19: Meregali vs. Duarte, live from Austin, Tx on Aug. 10, 2023, featuring a main event bout between Nicholas Meregali and Kaynan Duarte.  Alongside the main event, Ffion Davies will be defending the WNO flyweight title against challenger Jasmine Rocha in the co-main event, and lightweight champion Dante Leon will return to the 155 lb division to take a shot at the vacant lightweight title against Ethan Crelinsten.

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Meregali vs. Duarte: What To Know About The Card

Tezos WNO 19 is filled with talent, featuring nine ADCC qualifiers sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

See Renzo Gracie's Thoughts on Tezos WNO 19: Meregali vs. Duarte:

Opening up with a special interview, Jake Watson, Xande Ribeiro, and Kendall Reusing asked Renzo Gracie for his thoughts on tonight's card: "Don't blink.  Something can happen when you blink because the level of these fighters is amazing." Renzo elaborated further, saying he believes this is the best Who's Number One card to date.  Offering insight into the main event, Renzo believes whoever dictates the pace of the fight and gets ahead early will come out on top.

Main Card:

Main Event: Nicholas Meregali vs Kaynan Duarte | Heavyweight bout | 15 min (watch here)

Both fighters testing the waters with hand-fighting, Kaynan landed a single-leg takedown and jumped on a loose ankle lock resulting in a sweep for Meregali.  Working from half guard, Duarte used a wrestle-up attempt to get back to his feet.  Picking up the pace, Meregali rattled off several single-leg shots before securing a body lock and attempting to take Duarte's back.  Inverting on Meregali's leg to defend the takedown, Duarte could not withstand Meregali's pressure.  Meregali quickly passed to side control, took mount, and secured a head and arm choke for the finish!

Nicholas Meregali def Kaynan Duarte via Katagatame (12:47)

Co-Main Event: Ffion Davies (c) vs Jasmine Rocha | Flyweight title bout | 15 min (watch here)

Rocha immediately sat to guard, and Ffion began working to pass with a knee cut but was met with stiff resistance as Rocha repeatedly inverted to retain guard. Keeping up the pressure, Ffion patiently worked to flatten Rocha until she was able to pass to mount. Isolating the arms of Rocha from mount, Ffion took Rocha's back late in the fight and attempted several submissions.  Asserting her force the entire bout, Ffion Davies successfully defended her title in a dominant display of jiu-jitsu.

Ffion Davies def Jasmine Rocha via unanimous decision

Dante Leon vs Ethan Crelinsten | Lightweight title bout | 15 min (watch here)

Leon struck early with the first submission attempt, inverting on the leg of Crelinsten after a Crelinsten shot attempt. Using the attack to sweep, Leon took the top position, and the pair began battling from half guard. Engaging in nonstop scrambles, Leon countered an inversion attempt from Crelinsten to secure an arm in rear naked choke for the finish and the Who's Number One lightweight champion belt!

Dante Leon def Ethan Crelinsten via rear naked choke (8:06)

Felipe Pena vs Haisam Rida | Heavyweight bout | 15 min (watch here)

In a scrappy bout, Felipe Pena used his ability to wrestle up from guard to secure an early sweep.  Landing a takedown halfway through the match, Pena poured on the pressure in half guard, utilizing a smash pass to take mount. Then transitioning to the back of Rida, Pena wasted no time in finding the finish.

Felipe Pena def Haisam Rida via rear naked choke (9:21)

Nicky Ryan vs Rene Sousa | Welterweight bout | 15 min (watch here)

Ryan was quick to pull guard, and both attempted leg attacks before Ryan was able to wrestle up on Sousa's legs and take his back. Transitioning his lock to a body triangle, Ryan maintained control as Sousa stood up and attempted to shake him off for several minutes to no avail. Managing an escape from back control in the final thirty seconds, Sousa rattled off several leg attacks as the match waned.

Nicky Ryan def Rene Sousa via unanimous decision 

Andrew Tackett vs Troy Russell | Welterweight Bout | 15 min (watch here)

Opening up the main card with a bang, Tackett scored a quick takedown and secured Russell's back within thirty seconds.  Relentlessly attacking a rear naked choke, Tackett persisted until he scored the finish.

Andrew Tackett def Troy Russell via Rear Naked Choke (1:53)


Sebastian Rodriguez vs Oliver Taza | Middleweight bout | 15 min (watch here)

Taza wasted no time attacking the legs of Rodriguez, the pair exchanging sweeps in the opening minutes. Scrambling continuously throughout the match, Taza and Rodriguez fought back and forth the two splitting the judges' favor throughout the match intervals.  With one minute left, Taza found his way to an unsuccessful yet dangerous heel hook to close out a tightly contested match.

Oliver Taza def Sebastian Rodriguez via unanimous decision

Ben Eddy vs Carlos Henrique | Featherweight bout | 15 min (watch here)

Hand-fighting early, much of the bout took place on the mat. Henrique kept the pressure on early, garnering several takedowns before securing Eddy in a pin and passing Eddy's guard to side control and eventually achieving mount. Despite Eddy attempting to exert his tricky guard play, Henrique did a fantastic job pinning and controlling Eddy's legs to open up his passing. To top it off, Henrique landed a buzzer-beater hip toss to end the fight.

Carlos Henrique def Ben Eddy via unanimous decision

Helena Crevar vs Healy Dayan | Featherweight bout | 15 min (watch here)

Crevar pulled guard immediately, searching for a leg entry as Dayan approached her guard. Maneuvering excellently, Crevar inverted to attack the legs of Dayan, capturing a heel and finishing the fight in just under a minute!

Helena Crevar def Healy Dayan via Heel Hook (1:11)

Achilles Rocha vs JB Bechtloff | Middleweight bout | 15 min (watch here)

Bechtloff began the match with a slide by looking to take the back of Rocha before a counter from Rocha sent the pair into a scramble, with Rocha coming out on top. Continuing to scramble and weave through leg entanglements, Achilles Rocha comes out on top with the toehold submission to open up the night!

Achilles Rocha def JB Bechtloff via Toehold (4:06)