2024 European Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

2024 IBJJF Euros Recap | Mica Galvao Submits 4 Of 4 To Claim Euros Gold

2024 IBJJF Euros Recap | Mica Galvao Submits 4 Of 4 To Claim Euros Gold

Mica, Gutemberg, Pessanha win big in Euros. Plus, all the black belt results and winners from the 2024 IBJJF European Championships in Paris, France.

Jan 28, 2024 by Corey Stockton

Atfer 599 days without competing in a major IBJJF tournament, Mica Galvao returned to the blue and yellow mats in dominant fashion, submitting all four of his opponents to win his first Euros title as a black belt at the 2024 IBJJF European Championships at the Istitut du Judo in Paris, France.

Galvao submitted Andy Murasaki in the final with his signature armbar, after conceding two points for the only time in his two-day stretch at Euros. Earlier in his campaign, Galvao submitted rookie black belt Fabyury Khrysthyan in an explosive match, Tarik Hopstok, and Gyula Szabo in his first match of the weekend. After the match, Galvao alluded to plans to compete at Pans, and also hinted at a hope to return to Brasileiros and Worlds to attempt an IBJJF Grand Slam in the 2024 season.

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Gutemberg Pereira scores first black belt major double gold for AOJ

Weeks after announcing his move to join the Art of Jiu-Jitsu, former GF Team competitor Gutemberg Pereira locked up a major milestone for his adopted team — and for himself — winning double gold by capturing the ultra heavyweight and open class titles at Euros. The performance marked Pereira's first-ever double gold at an IBJJF major, and also AOJ's first athlete to double gold at a major championship.

It could be a sign of things to come for the Costa Mesa based squad, which has been picking up athletes at a rapid pace, and building its ranks up in some of its less-represented weight categories.

Gabrielli Pessanha secures 10th consecutive major double gold

The queen of jiu-jitsu captured her 19th and 20th consecutive gold medals at an IBJJF major tournament, furthering her record for longest streak of major titles without missing an event. In the super heavyweight title, Pessanha defeated multiple time IBJJF world champion Tayane Porfirio 9-0. In the absolute category, she submitted Thalyta Silva. It was Pessanha's third time facing Silva in a European open class final.

Pessanha, who already holds two back to back Double Grand Slam titles, is setting up for her third straight. But her Europeans run wasn't without challenge. In the absolute semifinal, she went to a decision against long standing rival Yara Soares.

Elijah Dorsey wins first IBJJF black belt major in tough lightweight field

Second year black belt Elijah Dorsey returned to Euros to win against a deep bracket of lightweight talents. He deafeated 2022 champion Espen Mathiesen in the final, scoring a pass late in the match to take it. Earlier in his run, he defeated 2022 Brasileiro champ Pablo Lavaselli. Dorsey reported a hand injury after his first match of the weekend, which he won via armbar.

This marks Dorsey's second major accomplishment in just a few months. In October, he endured through a who's who bracket at the ADCC East Coast Trials to punch his ticket to ADCC 2024.

Kennedy Maciel earns first major black belt title after season-long layoff

Kennedy Maciel won the featherweight title at Euros to capture his first major title as a black belt. His last appearance at a gi major was the 2021 World Championships. In Spetember 2022, he suffered a devastating knee injury which kept him sidelined for a year.

Maciel's run included a submission victory over standout rookie black belt Eduardo Granzotto, plus victories over Sebastian Serpa, Diego and Alex Sodre

Adam Wardzinski topples Fellipe Andrew, earns second Euros gold

Adam Wardzinski faced a tough road of former opponent on his way to his second European title at heavyweight. The Polish grappler defeated rival Fellipe Andrew in the final, scoring nine points on the heavyweight world champ, and maintaining mount for most of the match. He and Andrew have a long history; as Andrew defeated Wardzinski by a similar margin at Euros last year, and was on track to do it again at Pans, before Wardzinski overcame a nine-point deficit to win with less than two minutes remaining in the match.

In the semifinals, Wardzinski defeated Pedro Machado, who had submitted him via armbar at World 2023.

Meyram Maquine submits three of four to take light featherweight title

2022 world champion Meyram Maquine appeared at the top of his game at Euros, submitting three of his opponents on his way to light featherweight gold. In the final, he hit the fastest submission of the day, a quick choke from the back. Earlier in his run, he submitted two of his three remaining opponents. 

The light featherweight division included notable absences, including Diego Pato and Malachi Edmond, the two finalists from the previous edition of Euros. In his post match interview, Maquine expressed interest in trying for a grand slam in 2024.

Jessica Caroline beats Mayssa Bastos in light featherweight final

The 2023 roosterweight European champion, Jessica Caroline Dantas, is now a two-time champ after defeating highly four-time world champ Mayssa Bastos in the light featherweight final. Jessica moved up in weight this year, putting herself up against the two time grand slam winner. Jessica got on the board early, then withstood a late effort from Bastos, keeping herself ahead on the board for another major title.

More black belt results from Euros

  • Thalison Soares defeated longtime friend Jonas Andrade in the roosterweight final to earn his third consecutive European title.
  • Rookie black belt Shelby Murphey picked up her first major black belt title in her first attempt.
  • Mauricio Oliveira & Wellington Sebastião closed out the medium heavyweight division for Fratres.
  • Erich Munis won gold in the super heavyweight division.
  • Margot Ciccarelli earned her first black belt major title with a gold medal in the featherweight division.
  • Julia Alves won her first black belt major gold, taking the lightweight division.
  • Thalyta Silva won her third consecutive European title, locking up the middleweight division.
  • Aurelie Le Vern won her first black belt major title, competing at medium heavyweight.
  • Melissa Cueto earned her first European gold medal, and hinted at aspirations of a grand slam in the heavyweight division.