WNO 22: Rodriguez vs. Hugo

WNO 22: Rodriguez vs Hugo | Full Results

WNO 22: Rodriguez vs Hugo | Full Results

Here are the results from WNO 22: Nick Rodriguez vs Victor Hugo, live from Costa Mesa, California, featuring Mica Galvao, Tainan Dalpra & more

Feb 10, 2024 by Liam Stein
WNO 22: Rodriguez vs Hugo | Full Results

Follow along for real-time results, updates, & more from Who's Number One 22: Rodriguez vs Hugo, live from Costa Mesa, CA on February 9th! 

Don't miss out as the action unfolds at 9pm ET, featuring a lineup of electrifying matches at Who's Number One 22. Witness the intense showdown between the rising star Elijah Dorsey and Baret Yoshida brown belt Ivan Herrera in our featured prelim bout, the much-awaited return of Jacob "The Hillbilly Hammer" Couch to the WNO mats as he squares off with Sebastian Rodriguez, and an intriguing championship clash between Dante Leon and Diego "Pato" Oliveira. The night culminates in a highly anticipated main event, showcasing a battle for supremacy between two of the heavyweight division's finest competitors: Nick Rodriguez and Victor Hugo!

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WNO 22 Live Updates and Results

Main Card

Main Event: Nick Rodriguez vs Victor Hugo | Heavyweight

In a tight contest, Hugo and Rodriguez both had their moments, but Hugo largely dictated the action with his guard play and found more dominant positions, including a deep armbar attempt. Nicky Rod passed Hugo's guard to side control and appeared to be gaining momentum late, but ultimately, Hugo's submission attempts and his late near-back take and mount sequence were enough to swing the judge's favor.

Victor Hugo def Nick Rodrigues via referee's decision

Co-Main Event: (C) Mica Galvão vs Kenta Iwamoto | WNO Welterweight Championship | 15 min

Putting on an impressive performance, Mica again showed his proficiency for chaining submission attacks with counter wrestling, while Iwamoto was equally impressive with his savvy defense. Ultimately, Mica found his way to Iwamoto's back where he finished the submission!

(C) Mica Galvão def Kenta Iwamoto via rear naked choke (11:07) 

(C) Dante Leon vs Diego "Pato" Oliveira | WNO Lightweight Championship | 15 min

The champ-champ is here! In a fast-paced match, Pato fought relentlessly for leg entries, as Leon attempted to navigate Pato's guard. Eventually sweeping Leon off the strength of a leg attack, Pato continued to hunt, attempting several more leg attacks before finding the heel hook finish!

(C) Diego "Pato" Oliveira def Dante Leon via heel hook (8:37)

Oliver Taza vs Tainan Dalpra | Middleweight | 15 min

Dominant in his second no-gi bout at black belt, Tainan showcased his wrestling and guard passing skills, landing several single-leg takedowns, but could not fully crack the defense of the veteran Taza.

Tainan Dalpra def Oliver Taza via referee's decision

Adele Fornarino vs Amanda "Tubby" Alequin | Flyweight | 15 min

A late addition to the card, Adele Fornarino made it known she is here to stay, finishing Tubby Alequin with a lightning-fast submission, coming dangerously close to breaking the record for the fastest submission at WNO!

Adele Fornarino def Amanda "Tubby" Alequin via Aoki Lock (0:23)

Jacob "The Hillbilly Hammer" Couch vs Sebastian Rodriguez | Middleweight | 15 min

The Hillbilly Hammer kept the quick submission trend rolling, sitting to guard at the match's start and immediately in on a leg attack. Alternating between a heel hook and a straight ankle lock, Couch secured the finish with a deep bite on Rodriguez's heel!

Jacob "The Hillbilly Hammer Couch" def Sebastian Rodriguez via heel hook (1:26)

Preliminary Card

Elijah Dorsey vs Ivan Herrera | Welterweight | 9 min

Firing on all cylinders, Dorsey fired off takedown after takedown and pass after pass. Quickly taking Herrera's back, Dorsey found a thunderlock and finished the submission while hunting for a choke!

Elijah Dorsey def Ivan Herrera via shoulder lock (2:45)

Daniel Sathler vs Max Hanson | Welterweight | 9 min

My oh my! Daniel Sathler jumps in for a flying triangle and transitions to an armbar for the finish over Hanson in just over a minute in his WNO debut!

Daniel Sathler def Max Hanson via armbar (1:01)

Ashlee Funegra vs Marilyn Cruz | Strawweight | 9 min

In a dominant debut, Ashlee Funegra displayed a guard passing proficiency, utilizing a knee cut pass effectively throughout the bout. Funegra attempted several chokes but could not find the finish en route to her first WNO victory.

Ashlee Funegra def Marilyn Cruz via referee's decision

Dory Aoun vs Kyle Chambers | Middleweight | 9 min

Seemingly outmatched by the crafty guard of Chambers and several submission attempts, Aoun stormed back in the final minutes as he passed Chambers' guard, locked in a d'arce choke, and nearly took Chamber's back to bring home the win in his WNO debut!

Dory Aoun def Kyle Chambers via referee's decision

Order of Fights:

Main Card

Men's Heavyweight Match - Nick Rodriguez vs Victor Hugo

WNO Men's Welterweight Championship - Mica Galvão vs Kenta Iwamoto

WNO Men's Lightweight Championship - Dante Leon vs Diego "Pato" Oliveira

Men's Middleweight Match - Tainan Dalpra vs Oliver Taza

WNO Flyweight Match - Adele Fornarino vs Amanda "Tubby" Alequin

Men's Middleweight Match - Jacob "The Hillbilly Hammer" Couch vs Sebastian Rodriguez

Preliminary Card

Men's Welterweight Match - Elijah Dorsey vs Ivan Herrera

Men's Lightweight Match - Max Hanson vs Daniel Sathler

Women's Strawweight Match - Ashlee Funegra vs Marilyn Cruz

Men's Middleweight Match - Dory Aoun vs Kyle Chambers

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