2024 ADCC Asia & Oceania Championship 2

See Who's In For The Last ADCC Trials This Season

See Who's In For The Last ADCC Trials This Season

See who is in for the 2024 ADCC Asian & Oceanic Trials - the final Trials of this season

May 7, 2024 by Joe Gilpin
See Who's In For The Last ADCC Trials This Season

We are approaching the final ADCC regional trials, the second Asian & Oceanic Trials, and 8 more athletes will be earning their entry into the ADCC World Championships. 

You are eligible to compete in these trials if you have citizenship in any country that falls within the Asian or Oceanic regions, and can provide documentation at weigh ins. The tournament will take place May 11th in Bangkok, Thailand. All of the action will be streaming live on FloGrappling.

So far, 44 people have earned official entry into the ADCC World Championships through the Trials process. You can find that list here.

In the first Trials, some of the strongest names in the region took the mats and punched their ticket to Worlds - including Izaak Michell, Kenta Iwamoto, and Josh Saunders. Now this event becomes the final opportunity for these athletes to make their dream happen and compete at ADCC. This is also the only opportunity that the female athletes get, and the Oceanic region has been producing some stellar women's grappling talent like Adele "Daddy" Fornarino and Nadia Frankland.

Here are some of the most notable names currently entered into the tournament, in alphabetical order per weight class:


  • Jakob "Spatchy" Brooks
  • David Stoilescu
  • Huai Qing Xu
  • Daiki Yonekura
  • Toshiyasu Sagae


  • Hugh Boyd
  • Matt Clarke
  • Levi Jones-Leary - #10 ranked in the world at 170lbs
  • Tomoshige Sera
  • Jeremy Skinner - ADCC World Championship Veteran


  • Roberto Dib-Frias - ADCC World Championship Veteran
  • Ruslan Israilov
  • Lucas Kanard
  • Kaya Rudolph


  • Harry Grech
  • Ben Hodgkinson - ADCC World Championship Veteran
  • Anton Minenko
  • Declan Moody
  • Daniel Schuardt


  • Marc Grayson
  • Tito Carle


  • Adele Fornarino - ADCC World Championship Veteran, #4 at 125lbs


  • Nadia Frankland - #6 at 135lbs


  • Nikki Lloyd-Griffiths