WNO 23: Meregali vs Rocha

Meregali, Nicky Ryan, Andrew Tacket & More Earn Submission Wins At WNO 23

Meregali, Nicky Ryan, Andrew Tacket & More Earn Submission Wins At WNO 23

WNO 23: Meregali vs Rocha was a historic event for WNO, with seven of 10 matches ending in submissions, and a new fastest submission in WNO history.

May 11, 2024 by Corey Stockton
Meregali, Nicky Ryan, Andrew Tacket & More Earn Submission Wins At WNO 23

Nicholas Meregali submitted Vagner Rocha via armbar in the main event of WNO 23 in Arlington, TX on May 10, displaying strong wrestling and top game and furthering the case that he's prepared to make a double-gold run at the upcoming 2024 ADCC World Championships.

After several minutes of aggressive hand fighting, Meregali hit an armdrag into a foot trip, downing the tough defensive wrestler, Rocha. He then established back control where he wore Rocha down, and secured an armlock slightly after the midway point of the match.

That puts Rocha on the long list of ADCC veterans who Meregali has submitted in his still-short time as a no-gi grappler. In the last 12 months, he has also submitted ADCC champions Kaynan Duarte, Felipe Pena and Matheus Diniz.

Meregali's submission victory was just one of seven on the 10-match card at WNO 23, making the 23rd edition of WNO the most submission-heavy to date, a historic night.

In that fashion, Achilles Rocha — the 17-year old son of Vagner — made WNO history with the fastest submission on WNO to date, defeating Camron Couch via armlock in just 16 seconds. That tops Nicky Ryan and Adele Fornarino, who were previously tied for first with their 23-second submissions via heel hook and Aoki Lock, respectively.

Nicky Ryan had another impressive submission in his return to WNO, this time against two-time ADCC World Champion JT Torres.

Ryan and Torres exchanged takedown attempts early. Ryan's shot eventually brought the match to a scramble on the ground, where Torres initiated a leg entanglement. Ryan counted it with an intricate straight ankle lock, bringing Torres to tap.

In the co-main event, Andrew Tackett defeated Tommy Langaker via rear naked choke. Langaker showed off his impressive guard, but Tackett managed to slip passed it twice. On the second pass, Tackett secured back control and worked violently for the finish, until his choke eventually slipped across the neck near the half way mark of the match.

Jasmine Rocha moved to 2-1 on WNO with a brutal Aoki Lock finish over Emily Ferreira.

Diogo Reis forced the flexible Shay Montague to turtle, where he synched an anaconda choke.

Cassia Moura earned a rear naked choke over WNO veteran Jessie Crane in her WNO debut.

Felipe Pena defeated Rafael Lovato Jr. via decision on the main card.

Earlier in the night, Luccas Lira won a decision over Husam Alabed, and Evan Leve got the decision win over Marlon Tanaka.