2024 ADCC World Championships

ADCC's -66kg Division Complete With Additions of Pato & Gabriel Sousa

ADCC's -66kg Division Complete With Additions of Pato & Gabriel Sousa

The 2022 ADCC silver & bronze medalists Gabriel Sousa & Diego Pato will be returning to the biggest tournament in grappling as the -66kg division has filled

May 22, 2024 by Joe Gilpin
ADCC's -66kg Division Complete With Additions of Pato & Gabriel Sousa

The 2024 ADCC field at -66kg is complete, with the additions of stars like Gabriel Sousa, Diego Pato, and Josh Cisneros to round out the field of 16. Those 3 are all returning top-4 place winners from the prior ADCC and will likely be seeded highly coming into the tournament. Currently, Pato sits at the #1 spot in our 145lb no-gi rankings, and Gabriel Sousa is fifth.

After his debut performance at ADCC netted him bronze, Pato has been on a tear. He won the 2023 IBJJF Worlds in both gi & no-gi, defeated ADCC Champion Diogo Reis by submission to become WNO champion, and then became double champion by submitting -77kg ADCC bronze medalist Dante Leon. He is one of the favorites for gold in the bracket.

Since ADCC, Gabriel has been busy on the no-gi circuit, including a rematch with Diogo at the WNO 20: Night of Champions. He was also one of the stars on Team Modolfo in AIGA's championship event, helping bring home first place for his squad. Gabriel will be a contender against anyone in the bracket, and a serious threat for gold on the right day.

The -66kg division is one of the most dynamic and exciting in the sport, featuring some of the best technicians and scramblers alive. In 2022, the divisional placewinners were Diogo Reis, Diego Pato, Gabriel Sousa, and Josh Cisneros. There are now a complete 16 athletes qualified for the bracket.


  • Diogo Reis (Returning Champion, Invited) | Brazil
  • Owen Jones (1st European Trial winner) | England
  • Dorian Olivarez (East Coast Trials winner) | United States
  • Ethan Thomas (1st Asia & Oceania Trials winner) | Australia
  • Gairbeg Ibragimov (2nd European Trials winner) | Russia
  • Kennedy Maciel (1st South American Trials winner) | Brazil
  • Fabricio Andrey (2nd South American Trials winner) | Brazil
  • Ethan Crelinsten (Invited) | Canada
  • Deandre Corbe (West Coast Trials winner) | Canada
  • Kauã Gabriel (Invited) | Brazil
  • Ash Williams (Invited) | Wales
  • Keith Krikorian (Invited) | United States
  • Josh Cisneros (Returning Place Winner, Invited) | United States
  • Xu Huaiqing (2nd Asia & Oceania Trials winner) | China
  • Diego 'Pato' Oliveira (Returning Medalist, Invited) | Brazil
  • Gabriel Sousa (Returning Medalist, Invited) | Brazil

With ADCC, something to keep in mind is that teammates must face off in the first or second round - meaning all 4 semifinalists must be from different teams. For this -66kg division, that right now would affect:

  • Diogo Reis & Kaua Gabriel
  • Kennedy Maciel & Fabricio Andrey

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