2024 AIGA Brazil

AIGA Brazil 2024: Kasai dominates Vouk Elite in the finals; see the results

AIGA Brazil 2024: Kasai dominates Vouk Elite in the finals; see the results

Undefeated with 20 submissions out of 21 fights, the Kasai Team confirmed its favoritism in the Brazil qualifier

May 26, 2024 by Carlos Arthur Jr.
AIGA Brazil 2024: Kasai dominates Vouk Elite in the finals; see the results

Closing the AIGA Brazil 2024 on a high note this Saturday, May 25th, Kasai Team went all in at the Athletic Club Juventus and put on a flawless campaign that led to the victory at the event. On the second and last day of the tournament, the group first went through Andinos with no losses at the semifinals and then took Vouk Elite down in the finals, keeping a high technical level as their athletes conquered most of their victories via submission. With the win in Brazil, Team Kasai advances to the main event, which will be held next year with one million dollars as the prize.

The journey to victory was smooth sailing for Kasai. With quick submissions, the group didn’t take long to conquer the four victories they needed to advance to the AIGA finals in 2025, with Dorian Olivarez landing an RNC, Roberto Jimenez locking a choke from the back, Fabricio Andrey winning via armbar, and Junny Ocasio coming out on top of a leglock battle with a heel hook. As if that wasn’t enough, Kasai kept the pedal to the metal and got submissions in the three remaining matches, with Pedro Marinho, Renato Canuto, and Andrew Tackett also getting the three taps from their opponents, adding up to 20 submissions out of 21 victories for Kasai.

Before, in the semifinals, Kasai made short work of Andinos and got another 7-0 triumph while Vouk defeated Pirâmide Grappling by 5-2. Check out the full results for the AIGA Brazil 2024 below, and go to the FloGrappling archive to relive the thrills of the tournament.


Kasai (7)vs(0) Vouk Elite

-65kg: Dorian Olivares (Kasai) def Jhonatha Frazão (Vouk Elite) via RNC (R2 2:04)

+91kg : Roberto Jimenez (Kasai) def Elionai Braz (Vouk Elite) via choke from the back (R1 2:20)

-70kg : Fabricio Andrey (Kasai) def David Mateus (Vouk Elite) via armbar (R2 1:10)

-60kg : Junny Ocasio (Kasai) def Guilherme Oliveira (Vouk Elite) via heel hook (R2 4:31)

-91kg : Pedro Marinho (Kasai) def Gabriel Brod (Vouk Elite) via foot lock (R1 4:24)

-76kg : Renato Canuto (Kasai) def Nikolas Ramos (Vouk Elite) via tarikoplata (R1 3:27)

-83kg : Andrew Tackett (Kasai) def Matheus Ferreira (Vouk Elite) via RNC (R1 2:26)


Kasai (7)vs(0) Andinos

+91kg : Roberto Jimenez (Kasai) def Alan Magendzo (Andinos) via points

-65kg : Dorian Olivarez (Kasai) def Lucas Cantó (Andinos) via guillotine (R2 3:35)

-70 : Fabricio Andrey (Kasai) def Lucas Galbusera (Andinos) via armbar (R2 2:00)

-83 : Andrew Tackett (Kasai) def Lalo Garcia (Andinos) via triangle (R1 2:16)

-76kg : Renato Canuto (Kasai) def Pier Paolo (Andinos) via RNC (R1 4:18)

-60kg : Junny Ocasio (Kasai) def Tomas Rodriguez (Andinos) via foot lock (R1 1:40)

-91kg : Pedro Marinho (Kasai) def Nicolas Thorne (Andinos) via guillotine (R1 1:34)

Vouk Elite (5)vs(2) Pirâmide

-60kg : Guilherme Oliveira (Vouk Elite) def Jonas Lisboa (Pirâmide) via heel hook (R1 3:47)

-91kg : Gabriel Brod (Vouk Elite) def Eduarde Andrade (Pirâmide) via heel hook (R1 2:28)

-65kg : Henrique Durans (Pirâmide) def Aaron Nathan (Pirâmide) via armbar (R1 3:31)

-76kg : Matheus Ferreira (Vouk Elite) def Samuel Rocha (Pirâmide) via guillotine (R2 4:08)

-83kg : Nikolas Ramos (Vouk Elite) def Iago Martins (Pirâmide) via points

-70kg : Yonathan Cardenas (Pirâmide) def David Mateus (Pirâmide) via points

+91kg : Elionai Braz (Vouk Elite) def Antonio Assef (Pirâmide) via points

QUARTERFINALS (Friday, May 24th)

Andinos Team (4) vs (3) Luta Livre

+91kg : Alan Magendzo (Andinos) def Luiz Fabio Dutra (Luta Livre) via armbar (R2 4:38)

-83kg :  Lalo Morato (Andinos) def Gabriel Alves (Luta Livre) via omoplata (R3 1:43)

-70kg : Claudiney de Souza (Luta Livre) def Lucas Galbusera (Andinos) via referee’s decision

-91kg : Nicolas Thorne (Andinos) def Felipe Boanada (Luta Livre) via points

-60kg : Gerlan Magalhães (Luta Livre) def Tomas Rodriguez (Andinos) via points

-65kg : Lucas Canto (Andino) def Marcos Paulo Monteiro (Luta Livre) via referee’s decision

-76kg : Jefferson Pontes (Luta Livre) def Pier Paolo (Andinos) via referee’s decision

Kasai (7) vs (0) Demian Maia Team

-60kg : Junny Ocasio (Kasai) def Howard Enrique (Demian Maia Team) via heel hook (R1 1:25)

-65kg : Dorian Olivarez (Kasai) def Anderson Falcão (Demian Maia Team) via guillotine (R1 1:51)

-83kg : Sebastian Rodriguez (Kasai) def Lucas Barros (Demian Maia Team) via leglock (R2 0:23)

-76kg : Andrew Tackett (Kasai) def Leonardo Domingos (Demian Maia Team) via RNC (R1 2:34)

+91kg : Roberto Jimenez (Kasai) def Elias Silvério (Demian Maia Team) via RNC (R1 3:18)

-70kg : Fabricio Andrey (Kasai) def Gabriel Souza (Demian Maia Team) via triangle from the mount (R1 4:19)

-91kg : Pedro Marinho (Kasai) def Lucas Silva (Demian Maia Team) via guillotine (R1 1:52)

Vouk Elite (4) vs (3) Untouchable

-76kg : Nikolas Ramos (Vouk Elite) def Romulo Rocha (Untouchable) via arm triangle (R1 1:22)

-65kg : Iago Siqueira (Untouchable) def Jhonatha Frazão (Vouk Elite) via heel hook (R1 3:17) 

+91kg : Elionai Braz (Vouk Elite) def Gustavo Henrique (Untouchable) via katagatame (R1 4:51)

-91kg : Gabriel Brod (Vouk Elite) def Fernando Reis (Untouchable) via points

-83k : Fabio Caloi (Untouchable) def João Rossato (Vouk Elite) via heel hook (R2 1:13)

-70kg : Ruan Alvarenga (Untouchable) def David Mateus (Vouk Elite) via points

-60kg : Guilherme Oliveira (Vouk Elite) def Hoanes Nacib (Untouchable) via heel hook (R1 2:42)

Pirâmide Grappling (5) vs (2) Melqui Galvão Team

-60kg : Raphelson Tarcisio (Melqui Galvão Team) def Jonas Lisboa (Pirâmide Grappling) via referee’s decision

-83kg : Iago Martins (Pirâmide Grappling) def Pantoja Vitor (Melqui Galvão Team) via heel hook (R1 2:57)

-91kg : Eduardo Andrade (Pirâmide Grappling) def Claudio Ribeiro (Melqui Galvão Team) via heel hook (R1 1:17)

-65kg : Henrique Duran (Pirâmide Grappling) def Rickson Caua (Melqui Galvão Team) via RNC (R1 4:05)

-70kg : Kauan Gabriel (Melqui Galvão Team) def Yonathan Cardenas (Pirâmide Grappling) via points

+91kg : Antonio Assef (Pirâmide Grappling) def Adam Nabawy (Melqui Galvão Team) via leglock (R3 0:25)

-76kg : Samuel Rocha (Pirâmide Grappling) def Nicolas Renier (Melqui Galvão Team) via points