King Of Mats: Every Prior Abu Dhabi World Pro Champ Invited For MEGA-Event

With invites going out to athletes such as Rafael Mendes, Rodolfo Viera, Leandro Lo, Buchecha, and more, the UAEJJF's King of Mats competition is THE event to keep an eye on this spring.

Taking place during the weeklong jiu-jitsu extravaganza that is the Abu Dhabi World Pro on April 24, the King of Mats event at Mubadala Arena will draw upon the prestigious list of previous Abu Dhabi World Pro champions from the past nine years of competition. 

There are three weight divisions — light, middle, and heavyweight — which will have a maximum of 10 and a minimum of six competitors. There may be up to two reserves or wild cards (Grand Slam champions) as replacements in the case of World Pro champions who are unable to attend.

And the prize at the end of the tunnel? A massive $200,000 shared between the medalists of the three divisions.

Possible Lightweight Participants (-69kg)

  • Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes
  • Rafael Mendes
  • Leo Saggorio 
  • Samuel Canquerino
  • Joao Miyao
  • Rodnei Barbosa
  • Marcio Andre’
  • Hiago Geroge
  • Gianni Grippo
  • Thiago Marquez
  • Michael Musumeci 
  • Fernando Vieira

WATCH: Gianni Grippo vs. Tiago Bravo - 69kg Final 2017 World Pro

Tiago Bravo vs Gianni Grippo 69kg Final 2017 World Pro

Possible Middleweight Participants (69-85kg)

  • Roberto Satoshi
  • Gilbert Burns
  • Michael Langhi
  • Tarsis Humphreys
  • Claudio Calasans
  • Andre Galvao
  • Lucas Lepri
  • Gabriel Arges

WATCH: Gabriel Arges vs. Edwin Najmi - 85kg Final 2017 Grand Slam

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Gabriel Arges vs Edwin Najmi 85kg Final 2017 World Pro

Heavyweight (85-110kg)

  • Marcus "Buchecha" Alemedia
  • Rodolfo Vieira
  • Leandro Lo 
  • Alexandre Cecconi
  • Antonio Braga Neto
  • Lucio "Lagarto" Rodrigues
  • Rodrigo Cavaca
  • Brualio Estima
  • Riccardo Abreu
  • Alexandre De Souza
  • Jose Junior
  • Erberth Santos
  • Riccardo Evangelista
  • Alxandre Riberio 
  • Felipe Pena

WATCH: Felipe Pena vs Adam Wardzinski – 94kg Final 2017 World Pro

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Felipe Pena vs Adam Wardzinski 94kg Final 2017 World Pro

Watch the 2018 King of the Mats event on April 24 as a part of the 2018 Abu Dhabi World Pro LIVE on FloGrapplng.

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