April Is A STACKED Month For Live-Streamed Jiu-Jitsu Events On FloGrappling

Spriggs Gutemberg

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April is perhaps the busiest month of the year for live-streamed events on FloGrappling, with seven in total available to watch on your favorite device.

One of the highlights is seeing the culmination of the 2017-18 UAEJJF season at the Abu Dhabi World Pro and the newly launched King Of Mats event, but that's only a small taste of this month's massive lineup.

Elsewhere, the Marianas Open returns to Guam with 16 ELITE jiu-jitsu athletes, and Fight To Win Pro has stacked the decks with its next FOUR events.   

Read on for a preview of all seven live-streamed events on FloGrappling.

APRIL 6: Fight To Win Pro 69 – Oliveira vs. Miner

The word inspirational can be thrown around rather loosely in sports media, but Keith Miner is truly someone worthy of the title. Refusing to let an accident that claimed a majority of his right arm dictate the rest of his life, the now 5-5 MMA veteran is ready to take on Vitor Oliveira, one of the toughest grapplers out of GF Team, at F2W Pro 69. 

Olveira is a human weapon: He has powerful standup game and elite, soul-crushing pressure passing.  

Vitor Oliveira: The Highlights

Also on the card is fellow GF Team Powerhouse Dante Leon, who will be making his F2W premier against Cameron Knight. 

An SAS representative, Knight is the dark horse in this match—we don’t have a single match of his in our archive—so we’re very curious to see what he brings to the table.

Other notable Matches:

Crystal Demopolous (GF Team) vs. Aline Paes Krisner (High Ground BJJ)

See the full card

APRIL 13: Fight To Win Pro 70 – Spriggs vs. Pereira

Team Lloyd Irvin comes in full force at F2W Pro 70 with juggernauts Jamil Hill, Otavio Nalati, and Tim Spriggs.

The main event is one of the most exciting matchups the year, let alone just April: We'll see GFTeam rising superstar Gutemberg Pereira take on the highly entertaining Spriggs. 


Perhaps the premier event of the spring, KASAI 2 boasts an incredible Grand Prix featuring eight grapplers confirmed for KASAI’s World Middleweight Championship tournament, including: 

  • Craig Jones
  • DJ Jackson
  • Richie "Boogeyman" Martinez
  • Matheus Diniz
  • Dante Leon 
  • Nick Calvanese 

The main card also features an epic clash between Eddie Cummings and KASAI world lightweight champion Renato Canuto and a must-see grudge match between Geo Martinez and Nicky Ryan, as well as Marcos Galvao’s return to competitive jiu-jitsu against AJ Agazarm.

APRIL 20: Fight To Win Pro 71 – Main Event TBD

Fight To Win heads to Philadelphia on March 20 and has a card packed with local pros hoping to have a breakout performance. The headlining bout features a matchup of school leaders between Tim Carpenter of Hellfish MMA and James Booth, a Gracie Black belt and head jiu-jitsu coach at Grindhouse MMA. 

See the full card here

APRIL 22: 2018 Marianas Open – Guam

The Marianas Open is freaking STACKED. We’ve got world champions, Abu Dhabi medalists, and competitors from all over the world converging on the island of Guam for the chance to win $10K per bracket. Check out the full divisions below—we cannot wait for this one.  

Lightweight (181lb and Below)

  • Isaque Bahiese
  • Renato Canuto
  • Andris Brunosvkis
  • Mike Sanchez
  • Gilbert Burns
  • Masahiro Iwasaki
  • Servio Tulio
  • Deigo Ramalho
  • Clinton De La Cruz
  • Thomas Mietz

Heavyweight (181-210lb) 

  • Felipe Pena
  • Jackson Sousa
  • Tanner Rice
  • Wu Tang
  • Eric Sian
  • Jacob Guerrero
  • Lucas Barbosa
  • Viking Wong
  • Muhamed Aly

APRIL 24-28: 2018 UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro / King Of Mats

World Pro is the final event in the 2017-18 UAEJJF competitive season. There's an unbelievable amount of prize money on the line, with adult black belts given the opportunity to take home $15,000 for a first-place medal. Given the huge cash incentives and brutal country qualifying brackets, a gold medal from Abu Dhabi is truly one of the most prestigious accomplishments in the sport.  

Current men's registration registrations include Adam Wardzinski, Jackson Sousa, Felipe Pena, Clark Gracie, Gabriel Arges, and Gianni Grippo. Women's entries include Angelica Galvao, Nathiely Karoline, Beatriz Mesquita, Ana Carolina Vieira, and others.

King Of Mats

With invites going out to athletes such as Rafael Mendes, Rodolfo Viera, Leandro Lo, Buchecha, and more, the UAEJJF's King of Mats competition is THE event to keep an eye on this spring.

Taking place during the weeklong jiu-jitsu extravaganza that is the Abu Dhabi World Pro on April 24, the King of Mats event at Mubadala Arena will draw upon the prestigious list of previous Abu Dhabi World Pro champions from the past nine years of competition. 

Find out more here.

APRIL 26-27: 2018 USA Grappling World Team Trials

The 2018 U.S. Grappling World Team Trials return to Las Vegas, Nevada, alongside the U.S. Open Wrestling Championships at South Point Hotel, April 26-27.

The U.S. Grappling World Team Trials features the two recognized styles of UWW Grappling, with the Gi competition on Thursday, April 26 and the No-Gi division set for Friday, April 27.

This is the second straight year that the U.S. Grappling Trials has been held alongside the U.S. Open Wrestling Championships, one of the biggest and most important wrestling events of the season. 

APRIL 28: Fight To Win Pro 72 – DeBlass vs. Armezzani

Fesh off the presses, we've got great news: Tom DeBlass is back on another Fight To Win Pro show! The three-time ADCC Trials winner and F2W Pro veteran know how to put on a great show. He'll be facing three-time Fight To Win Pro Veteran Lou Armezzani in a 220lb no-gi bout.

DeBlass has stated on social media that this is the lightest weight class he's fought at in years, and we're curious to see how it affects his performance.

Watch: Deblass Shows His Favorite Leg Attacks

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The Hit List: Four Explosive Finishes From Dante Leon

Dante Leon WNO.jpg

Until recently, Dante Leon could have been considered a gatekeeper in the 77 kg division. He could tear through the early stages of brackets, but often faltered when paired against more noteworthy opponents. The Canadian seemed to find his stride a few months before ADCC last year, and has been dismantling some of the most talented lightweights in submission grappling ever since.

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How to Watch: Third Coast Grappling: KUMITE VII

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The seventh installment of the Third Coast Grappling: KUMITE series will feature eight of the top female competitors in jiu-jitsu.

Gordon Ryan Wants To Fight Colby Covington's Jiu-Jitsu Coach For $100k


In a post-fight press conference after his KO victory over Tyron Woodley, UFC welterweight stand out Colby Covington said his jiu-jitsu coach could beat anybody in the world.

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Can King Kong Beat The King? Matheus Diniz Hitlist

matheus diniz vs craig jones adcc 2019 Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports.jpg

Matheus Diniz etched his name into history at the 2019 ADCC World Championships, taking home gold in his first attempt to join the list of legends who have won that esteemed tournament. Matheus has been on our radar since coming up in the colored belts as a member of the Marcelo Garcia "Dream Team," where he was a two-time no-gi world champion.

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Najmi Earns Title At Fight To Win 152, Almeida Beats Romulo, Alves Shines

edwin footlock.JPG

Fight To Win 152 featured several of the biggest names in the lightweight division, as well as a match between Romulo Barral and Gabriel Almeida, and the return of the Fight to Win Judo format. 

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How to Watch: 2020 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

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Here's how to watch the 2020 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship on FloGrappling.

Official FloGrappling Predictions: F2W 152 Najmi vs Liera Jr


There’s a lot on the line at this weekend’s edition of the biggest party in grappling. 

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Lightweight Contenders Will Battle For Pans Momentum At Fight To Win 152


There’s a lot on the line at this weekend’s edition of the biggest party in grappling. Fight to Win 152 will feature four of the major contenders for the lightweight podium at Pans next month. The co-main event will be a showdown between two of the top masters division competitors for a Fight to Win title. And Romulo Barral will return with plans to correct course after a disappointing Fight to Win debut last month.

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How to Watch: Fight to Win 153

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Here's how to watch the Fight to Win 153 on FloGrappling.

ADCC Champs Predict Gordon Ryan vs Matheus Diniz

Gordon Diniz

It is extremely rare for two reigning ADCC champs to meet each other in a superfight, and that is exactly what will happen when Gordon Ryan and Matheus Diniz class on October 2nd in Austin. This will be the first meeting between them, in a 30-minute, submission-only format under WNO rules.

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