Porrada, Nutella Fighters: What Do Jiu-Jitsu's Latest Buzzwords Mean?

Porrada: it’s not a new term, but it’s certainly enjoying a newfound mainstream notoriety for English-speaking jiu-jitsu practitioners.

The explosion of porrada as a buzzword is almost entirely due to Romulo Barral bringing it back. We thought there could be no better intro to the topic than to hear from the man himself. Here's what Romulo had to say:

"Everyone in Brazil knows 'porrada' means 'brawling'; I believe that’s the literal translation in English. And everyone uses the word for training hard = porrada. I will go a little deeper with that. 
#EverydayPorrada means being intense in all aspect of life. On and off the mats. Is not only about training hard, killing yourself every day on the mats, it is beyond that. It is a lifestyle for tough people who don’t complain and make things happen in all aspects of their lives."

Let’s get right to it then: Porrada means to "go hard as f***". It may not be the most nuanced style of training, but it certainly serves as a pressure-cooker which has forged more than one champion.

Leandro Lo once said that training at Cicero Costha was incredibly rough. "There were no easy training sessions, everyone rolls when they’re injured, when they’re tired – no rounds off". In general, it can look like mayhem. 

Though it would be an unfair generalization to cast any single gym as porrada all the time or never porrada enough, many academies embrace a hardnose, grueling atmosphere that could only be considered porrada.

For a glimpse into a true porrada session, watch our Road To Worlds vlog from Unity Jiu-Jitsu in New York. The intensity of their competition training is out of this world.  

Perhaps everyone likes to think they can go full porrada, but only a few matches truly reach the top of the tree. Check out a few of our favorites below. 

Nutella Is Delicious, So Why Is It Bad To Be A 'Nutella-Black Belt'?

Buchecha is not a fan of Nutella.

Nutella getting thrown around as an insult comes as surprise to many English-speakers the first few times they hear it,  'That guy is Nutella black belt', sounds both foreign and food-related. 

But don't be fooled: this has nothing to do with taste. Being a Nutella fighter is essentially being a fake-fighter, a wuss, someone who is afraid of porrada. 

Renzo Gracie once explained that, "Nutella is fake chocolate! I like real chocolate! I like real jiu-jitsu! The roots jiu-jitsu!" 

Coincidentally, this why you've likely seen 'raiz' (Portuguese for roots) contrasted with Nutella. 

Still unsure? Watch the Vagner Rocha HL below – THAT is raiz jiu-jitsu.

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