Major Jiu-Jitsu Event In London: Cash Prizes For Blue To Black Belt

A tournament open to athletes of all belt levels and nationalities lands in London on March 9-10 when the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam series concludes its 2019 season. 

The ADGS London has a total prize fund of $120,000 with cash prizes ranging from $500 for a blue belt gold medalist to $2,500 for black belt champions. 

Taking place at the Cooper Box Arena in London– a multi-sport arena constructed for the 2012 Olympic Games– the event also offers important ranking points for competitors wishing to enter the end of season Abu Dhabi World Pro in April. 

The closing date for registration is March 5, and the division are filling up fast. We already have a good idea of who’s signed up, with many top UK and European based black belts alongside some of the best talent from powerhouse countries such as Brazil and the U.S. 

Also going down in the same arena that weekend is a lightweight edition of the prestigious and lucrative Abu Dhabi King of Mats event, an invitational tournament open to -69kg athletes who have won either the Abu Dhabi World Pro or Abu Dhabi Grand Slam events. Look for Gianni Grippo, Paulo Miyao and more as they take to the mats on March 10. 

Remember that we’ll be streaming the entire Abu Dhabi Grand Slam event as well as the Abu Dhabi King of Mats on March 9-10, with every mat and every match LIVE or On Demand on FloGrappling. 

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Scroll down for a list of entrants in the black belt divisions, with more names TBA soon. 


Female / Brown / Black / Adult / 49Kg

Mayssa Bastos 

Julia Pareja 

Luna Barea 

Female / Brown / Black / Adult / 55Kg

Laura Peretti 

Rose El Sharouni 

Gabriela Fechter 

Ffion Davies 

Female / Brown / Black / Adult / 62Kg

Jane Minondo 

Lunna Vieira 

Bianca Basilio 

Christine Martin

Julia Maele 

Female / Brown / Black / Adult / 70Kg

Magdalena Loska 

Thamara Silva 

Samantha Cook 

Vedha Toscano 

Victoria Hansson

Martina Gramenius

Jesmine Latrach

Female / Brown / Black / Adult / 90Kg

Marta Szarecka 

Claire-France Thevenon 

Kendall Reusing 

Gabrieli Pessanha


Male / Black / Adult / 56Kg

Carlos Alberto Da Silva 

Gabriel Rosberg 

Levy Ferreira 

Nobuhiro Sawada 

Cleber Fernandes 

Male / Black / Adult / 62Kg

Joao Batista De Sousa 

Fernando Soares 

Hiago George 

Male / Black / Adult / 69Kg

Aleksander Jablonski 

Tiago Bravo 

Leonardo Kohpcke 

Gianni Grippo 

Paulo Miyao 

Joao Paulo Goncalves Neto 

Isaac Doederlein 

Male / Black / Adult / 77Kg

Diego Ramalho 

Erik Friberg 

Guilherme Rocha 

Martin Aedma 

Tommi Pulkkanen

Leonardo Lara 

Fabricio Barbarotti 

Male / Black / Adult / 85Kg

Manuel Ribamar 

Maciej Kozak 

Igor Sousa 

Male / Black / Adult / 94Kg

Marcos Junior

Devhonte Johnson 

Adam Wardzinski 

Kresimir Jurkovic

Kaynan Duarte 

Helton Silva Junior 

Male / Black / Adult / 110Kg

Ricardo Evangelista 

Rodrigo Ribeiro 

Pedro Agrizzi 

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