Live Updates: 2019 IBJJF Pans Black Belt Finals

It's the final day of the 2019 IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships and I'll be running live updates from matside. 

Join me as I recap key matches and results – watch the live stream here

I'm sat right here. 

Don't forget we've got FloZone running today with expert analyst Shawn Williams and three-time IBJJF No-Gi World champion Josh Hinger on commentary! 

Let's begin with the match coverage. 

Cleber Sousa vs Carlos Alberto Oliveira 

Crazy finish to this roosterweight quarterfinal. Sousa was down 4-4, 3-1 adv when he came up on the back and managed to sink the choke in. Great dramatic finish. 

Winner: Sousa by choke from the back. Watch video here

Joao Miyao vs Shimon Kagiyama

Easy armbar win for Miyao, who is competing at light-featherweight alongside his brother Paulo. 

Winner: Miyao via armbar – watch video

Jamil Hill-Taylor vs Thiago Macedo 

Jamil looked on FIRE yesterday absolutely tearing through Brandon Walensky. He's one of the favorites for the featherweight gold, let's see how he deals with the tough Macedo. 

Man, Jamil's footwork is incredible. Macedo is fighting out of some tough spots here but Jamil is so aggressive with his movement and it's like he just doesn't respect his opponents as a threat. He looks in completely control no matter where they go. 

Incredibly, there is no score in this match but Jamil wins via five advantages. 

Winner: Jamil via points 0-0, 5-0 adv – watch video

Isaac Doederlein vs Joao Mendes

Wow! Quick finish for Doederlein as he hits an unexpected armlock from bottom. Razor sharp, great submission. 

Winner: Doederlein via armlock – watch video


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Quick updates:

First-year back belt Matheus Gabriel defeated two-time World silver medalist Leonardo Saggioro 6-2 and will face the winner of Samir Chantre and Rafael Mansur. – watch video

Don't forget brown belts are running on mats 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Those guys are killers and always a lot of fun to watch. 

Jamil Hill vs Isaac Doederlein 

Featherweight semifinal match: Huge start for Isaac, who dives on an arm and nearly passes. The TLI crew are going crazy. Jamil's flexible guard kicks in and he slows things down. Know how I said it looked like he didn't respect his opponents' jiu-jitsu? Isaac just earned that. 

Jamil threatens the back and scores two from a 50-50 sweep. Isaac fights from bottom but Jamil stays in control and wins 2-0. 

Winner: Jamil via points 2-0 – watch video

Quick updates:

Hiago Gama wins over Koji Shibamoto in a roosterweight match tied 2-2, squeezing by via one advantage. 

Joao Miyao wins a split decision over Alexssandro Sodre in a tied light-featherweight semifinal. 

Levi Jones-Leary vs Breno Bittencourt 

Slow start in this match as they both get two penalties for the double guard pull. On the restart Levi goes after it and gets the back via a nice crab ride switch, deftly avoiding Bittencourt's attempts to pull him into 50-50. That's what I like to see– rather than somebody accepting the leg game Levi goes right around it and to the back. 

Look at how he hooks the calf to come up into the leg drag. 

Bittencourt slips out and gets two but it's a clear win for Levi.

Winner: Levi Jones-Leary via points 6-2 – watch video

Francisco Iturralde vs Gabriel Rollo (lightweight QF)

It was pretty even up until the last minute when Rollo just ran wild, going 16-4 against the Ecuardorian. Impressive win. 

Winner: Rollo via points 16-4 – watch video

Quick results

Lightweight QF: Osvaldo Queixinho Moizinho def Alexandre Molinaro 8-6 in a 50-50 battle

Middleweight QF: Isaque Bahiense tapped out Leo Lara wit a rear naked choke – watch video

Middleweight QF: Chippy match between Renato Canuto and Athos Ribeiro. Canuto almost scored two froma  BIG shoulder throw. It was tied 0-0, 1-1 adv but there was a penalty against Ribeiro. – watch video

Middleweight QF: Michael Liera Jr tapped Chad Hardy with a collar choke from the back – watch video

Murilo Santana vs Mateus Diniz 

The last time I remember seeing these two fight at Pans was in 2016 when Murilo ran over Matheus, sweeping him and mounting him, taking his back and choking him. A very different match so far this time around. Diniz scores takedown and Murilo plays exclusively from bottom, mostly closed guard. Penalties make the score 4-2 and Diniz advances. 

Winner: Matheus Diniz via points 4-2 – watch video

Quick results

Matheus Gabriel beats Rafael Mansur 4-2 to move into the featherweight semifinal vs Jamil Hill – watch video

Otavio Sousa had a hard time with Alexandre Joaquim of Atos, but went from down 2-0 to going up 10-2 and winning via submission with a minute left. Amazing comeback. – watch video

Medium-heavyweight QF: Lucas Barbosa wins 5-0 vs Tarsis Humphreys – watch video

Levi Jones-Leary just about squeezed past the criminally-underrated Gabriel Rollo of Checkmat. It was 2-2, 1-1 adv but there was a penalty against Rollo. Close match. – watch video 

In case you missed it, up and coming MMA fighter Jay Jay Wilson got a solid come-from-behind win in the brown belt divisions. 

Quick results

Jaime Canuto earned a 0-0 decision over Manuel Ribamar in a middleweight quarterfinal. He'll go on to face Otavio Sousa later. 

Isaque Bahiense won 6-4 over Michael Liera Jr and is through to the final. – watch video

Adam Wardzinski scored 15-2 and won via collar choke over Fellipe Trovo of Gracie Barra and is through to the heavyweight semifinal. This is the first time he's ever competed at Pans, by the way. – watch video

Patrick Gaudio vs Aaron Tex Johnson 

Fast start! Tex runs straight at Gaudio who has to play matador. He gets in underneath the legs, no secret what he's about. They go into the leg fighting and get stuck in 50-50. OK so Tex is a great leg locker, but you need to be careful giving Gaudio your feet. 

Gaudio gets a pass and goes into north-south, 3-0. He mounts: 7-0 to Gaudio, but Tex finds a way out and gets on a leg, Gaudio passes again and gets another 3. Takedown. Pass. North-south choke. Gaudio is running away with this. 

Winner: Gaudio via pointa 15-0 

Renato Canuto vs Queixinho 

Lot of fun in this scramble-fest. Canuto scores two for a shoulder throw. We almost never see Queixinho playing from the feet. Fun match, Canuto wins with two takedowns. 

Winner: Canuto via points 4-0 – watch video

Quick updates: 

Lucas Barbosa beats Matheus Diniz 0-0, 3-1 adv – watch video

Kaynan Duarte def Arnaldo Maidana 5-0 and will face Patrick Gaudio in the heavyweight semifinal – watch video

Otavio Sousa vs Jaime Canuto 

Middleweight semifinal here, the winner will face Isaque Bahiense. It's 2-2 and Sousa dives on the back, sinking in both hooks as they roll out of bounds. He gets the four! 

Restart in the center and Jaime on top now, Sousa playing a situp guard with lapel control, Canuto trying to kick out. Really scrappy performance from Sousa who wins 6-2. Great match. 

Winner: Sousa via points – watch match 

Quick results 

Mahamed Aly beats Leo Nogeuira on points and will get Tanner Rice in the super-heavyweight semifinal. 

Gustavo Batista beats Rudson Mateus 2-0 in the semifinal. That means him and Hulk close out medium-heavyweight. 

Leandro Lo vs Vinicius Ferreira 

Alliance black belt Ferreira is nicknamed "Tractor" for his heavy top pressure. He's a longtime training partner of Bernardo Faria, a man who always had success in beating Lo with the heavy pressure passing. Ferreira taking a page out of Bernardo's book and grinding forward. 0-0, less than a minute left. If Leandro doesn't get busy he could lose a decision here. Time runs out, split decision in favor of Lo. 

Winner: Lo via referees' decision – watch video

Quick results

Kaynan Duarte taps Patrick Gaudio with a toehold! He's into the heavyweight finals. Shocker! Watch video

Quick results

Fellipe Andrew is known for his footlock and triangles... and he just footlocked Fernando Reis of Alliance. He'll face Gutemberg Pereira in the super-heavyweight semifinal – watch video

Tanner Rice vs Mahamed Aly 

Rice throws up a dangerous omoplata and tries to hit a straight armlock. He has the arm locked out but Mahamed escapes. Advantage for Rice. 

Aly passes the open guard and gets top. Three for the pass and another two for knee ride. 5-0 to Aly. Rice recovers but Aly passes again. He goes for the same side-stomach throw he hit yesterday – he reposted our clip of it and said he always wanted to hit that technique since he saw Megaton use it! 

8-0 for Mahamed Aly right now, snd he's cruising to a win. Wait– two mins left and there is a clash during a guard pull. Rice has got a bad gash on the inside of his mouth and can't continue. 

Winner: Aly via default (injury) – watch video


Adam Wardzinski just dismantled Leandro Lo. He held off a passing blitz, got his back taken (no points for crossed feet) but escaped. Wardzinski swept Lo, passed to mount and then took the back before choking out the legend. Incredible. 

Watch it here

Quick updates 

Fellipe Andrew beats Gutembeg Pereira 2-0 in the super-heavyweight semi. (Watch video) Fellipe will face Mahamed Aly. 

Max Gimenis chokes Guillherme Soares of Alliance in the ultra-heavyweight semifinal – watch video

Annnnnd we're on to the finals... 

Women's Finals Results

Female roosterweight final: Mayssa Bastos def Serena Gabrielli via choke – watch video

Female light-featherweight final: Amanda Monteiro def Talita Alencar 0-0, 1-0 adv – watch video

Female featherweight final: Ffion Davies def Karen Antunes 4-2 – watch video 

Female lightweight final: Gabi Mccomb def Nikki Sullivan via choke – watch video 

Female middleweight final: Ana Carolina Vieira def Laura Hallock 12-0 – watch video 

Female medium-heavyweight final: Luiza Monteiro def Monique Elias 2-2, 2-1 adv – watch video 

Female heavyweight final: Nathiely de Jesus def Talita Nogueira via armbar – watch video 

Female super-heavyweight final: Gabi Garcia def Carina Santi via choke – watch video (starts 9min) 

Female absolute final: Gabi Garcia def Nathiely de Jesus 0-0, 1-0 adv – watch video

Men's Finals Results

Roosterweight: Cleber Sousa def Hiago Gama via referee's decision – watch video

Light-featherweight: Closeout between Joao Miyao and Hiago George 

Featherweight: Matheus Gabriel def Jamil Hill-Taylor via points (4-4, 2-2 adv, 2-3 pen)  – watch video

Lightweight: Levi Jones-Leary def Renato Canuto 6-4 – watch video

Middleweight: Isaque Bahiense def Otavio Sousa via points 2-0 – watch video 

Medium-heavyweight: Closeout between Lucas Hulk and Gustavo Batista 

Heavyweight: Kaynan Duarte def Adam Wardzinski 2-2, 1-0 adv – watch video

Super-heavyweight: Fellipe Andrew def Mahamed Aly 18-2 – watch video 

Ultra-heavyweight: Closeout between Ricardo Evangelista and Max Gimenis 

Absolute final: Lucas Barbosa def Leandro Lo via split referee's decision – watch video

And that's it! Thanks for following along. The matches from the event are now up in our event archive. You can search for and filter to find match videos. Enjoy, there was a lot of good jiu-jitsu this weekend. 

See you at the next one! 

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