Relive The Final Day Of Action From Worlds 2019

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Though it's hard to believe, exactly one year ago from today we were inside of Walter Pyramid, covering the final day of the IBJJF 2019 World Championships. 

It was the conclusion of an incredible tournament – we saw Keenan and Meregali throw down the gauntlet, Buchecha Claim his 13th world title, Mikey Musuemci's 12-second submission win his final, Bia Mesquita, and so much more.

To celebrate such a great tournament, and hopefully help to fill the void that is a summer without a World Championship, we've decided to re-run every match from the final day of competition. This means we'll see the female finals, and men's black belt matches from the quarter-finals through to the finals. 

Obviously,  there will be spoilers below – if you want to watch the tournament without knowing the results you can tune into FloGrappling 24/7 and jump into the action. 

Watch Every Match From The 2019 IBJJF World Championships 

Female Black Belt Finals

Roosterweight: Mayssa Bastos def. Rikako Yuasa by  (6-6 tie); 1 Advantage (Watch Match)

Mayssa Bastos defeated Riako Yuasa by a single advantage, total score 6-6.   

Light-Feather: Tammi Musumeci def. Amanda Monteiro (0-0) 1 Advantage (Watch Match)

Featherweight: Ana Carolina Schmitt def. Bianca Basilio final scored 2-3-3 Tie

Ana Carolina Schmitt bests Bianca Basilio in a nail-biting final by inning the referee's decision. 

Lightweight: Beatriz Mesquita def. Charlotte Von Baumgarten via triangle (Watch Video)

Beatriz Mesquita put up 11 points on Baumgarten before finishing the match with a triangle. 

Middleweight: Ana Carolina Vieira def. Laurah Hallock via submission. (Watch Video)

Two GF Team teammates faced off in the women's middleweight final with the future legend Ana Carolina Vieira taking the win by bow and arrow choke. 

Medium-Heavy: Andressa Cintra def. Luiza Monteiro via Submission (Watch Video)

Monteiro led the match for 8 minutes before Andress Cintra turned the tables with an impressive back take sequence; she finished Monteiro with a bow and arrow choke with 1:27 left on the clock. 

Heavyweight: Nathiely de Jesus def. Fernanda Mazzelli via Submission (Watch Video)

Nathiely De Jesus looked phenomenal in her heavyweight final and earned a submission win in under 4 minutes. 

Super-Heavy: Claudia Do Val def. Venla Luukkonen via Submission. (Watch Match)

Claudia do Val secured her third world title with a wrist lock submission around the 5-minute mark. 

Women's Absolute: Nathiely Karoline def Beatriz Mesquita 4-0 (Watch Match)

Nathaniel de Jesus was able to utilize her crafty guard to dictate the pace of the match. Though Bia scored five advantages, she was unable to counter gain the upper hand of the match and was forced to take second place. 

Male Black Belt Finals

Roosterweght: Mikey Musumeci def. Rodeni Barbosa via submission. (Watch Match)

Mikey Musumeci submitted  Rodeni Barbosa 12 seconds via anklelock. 

Light-Feather: Joao Miyao def. Paulo  Miyao (Close Out)

Joao and his brother closeout, with Joao getting the gold medal. 

Featherweight: Matheus Gabriel def. Marcio Andre via Submission (Watch Match)

Matheus Gabriel submits Marcio Andre with a modified armlock from the back. 

Lightweight: Lucas Lepri def. Lucas Valle by decision (Watch Match)

Lucas Valle's guard proved to be among the best in the game he held Lucas Lepri's passing scoreless, but Lepri's pressure was enough to win the referee's decision.

Middleweight: Isaque Bahiense vs Gabriel Arges 4-3 ; 4-2 (Watch Match)

After waging a battle of 50/50 for nearly 9 minutes, Gabriel Arges did hit an incredible sequence that saw him nearly take Isaque's back., it was enough to break the tie and give Arges the winning advantage.

Medium-Heavy: Felipe Pena def. Gustavo Batista Referee's Decision (Watch Match)

Both athletes are masters of the 50/50, so it was no surprise to see much of the match spent in the position. All tied up at four points, the match ended up going to the referee's decision, which was awarded to Felipe Pena.

Heavyweight:  Kaynan Duarte def Leandro Lo 5-2 (Watch Match)

A dream that everyone wanted to see paid off tonight; Lov vs Duarte was non-stop action from start to finish. Kaynan Passed Lo's guard in the first minute, but Lo was able to scramble back to the feet and score two with takedown. 

Kaynan Swept back and nearly passed Lo's guard a second time, but Lo was able to again scramble to the feet before points were awarded, making the score 5-2 at the 5:15 mark.  The score remained the same until 

Super-Heavyweight: Nicholas Meregali def. Mahamed Aly Via Submission (Watch Match)

An opening flurry saw Meregali attack with Triangle omoplata variation. Mahamed defends with supreme agility, but Meregali immediately reattacks ith omoplata.  An incredible sequence saw Meregai simultaneously attack the arm and land on Mahamed's back, where he worked his way towards a submission. He finished with a bow and arrow choke at 4:30.

Ultra-Heavy: Marcus Buchecha Almeida vs Riccardo Evangelista. (Watch Match)

Buchecha stormed into with a quick knee-tap takedown for two points. He the same takedown a second time, and then passed Evangelistas Guard directly into mount, making the score 11-0 at the 8-minute mark.

The legendary black belt finished the match with a bow and arrow choke and total score of 18-2. 

Absolute: Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida defeats Leandro Lo (Close Out)

Black Belt Quarter & Semi-Finals

Adult / Male / BLACK / Rooster

Quarter-Final: Bruno Malfacine def. Caio Terra Via Referee's Decision (Watch Match)

Extremely close match, the final score ended as 6-3-2 tie with both athletes attacking toeholds.  Bruno was given the referee's decision. 

Quarter-Final: Rodnei Barbosa def. Carlos 'Babeto' Oliveira via submission. (Watch Match)

Rodnei Barbosa submits Carlos Bebeto with RNC. 

Quarter-Final: Mikey Musumeci def. Koji Shibamoto 8-2 (Watch Match)

Mikey is true to form, ends the match on Shibamoto's back. He will face Malfacine in the semi-final.

Quarter-Final: Cleber Sousa def. Tomoyuki Hashimoto 6-4. (Watch Match)

Very competitive match, dying seconds of the round saw Hashimoto clawing for the back, but Sousa defended well and advances to the semis.

Semi-Final: Rodnei Barbosa def Cleber Sousa Advantages 2-1 (Watch)

A last-minute toehold attack sees Rodeni earn his second advantage and punch his ticket to the roosterweight. 

Semi-final: Mikey Musumeci def. Bruno Malfacine 10-8. (Watch)

In one of the most anticipated matches of the year, Mikey Musumeci defeats Bruno Malfacine by two points. A dramatic end when Bruno initially refuses the handshake, eliciting boos from the crowd. 

Final:  Rodnei Barbosa vs Mikey Musumeci

Adult / Male / BLACK / Light-Feather

Quarter-Final: Joao Miyao def. Rene Lopez 2-2-1 (Watch Match)

A tightly contained match, the scored was tied with Joao up by two advantages heading into the final minute of play.  

Quarter-Final: Hiago Geroge def. Pedro Diaz 2-0 (Watch Match)

Hiago George ahead and on tp with 30 seconds left manages to control lead and moves on to the semi-final. 

Quarter-final: Jose Barros def Alessandro Sodre 2-2-1 (Watch Match)

Baros edges out the win by one advantage. 

Quarter-Final: Paulo Miyao def Pablo Montovani 7-2 (Watch Match)

Montovani opened aggressively with a quick takedown but Miyao was able to enter into his patented berimbolo to leg drag sequence to tie the score at 2-2 quickly. Miyao finished the pass and controlled the pace of the match for the remainder of regulation. Final score:  7-2

Semi-final: Paulo Miyao def. Hiago George (Closeout)

Semi-final: Joao Miyao def. Jose Barros (Closeout)

Final: Paulo & Joao Miyao

Adult / Male / BLACK / Feather

Quarter-Final: Osvaldo 'Queixinho' Mozinho def. Luciano Araujo via submission (Watch Match)

Queixinho hits second brutal submission of the day with this ankle lock.

Quarter-Final:  Isaac Doderlein def. Rafael Mansur via Submission (Watch Match)

Isaac Doderlein submits Mansur with a nasty anklelock.

Quarter-Final: Matheus Gabriel def. Gianni Grippo 4-2 (Watch Match)

The 50/50 metagame was in full effect in this match, Matheus Gabriel won the match 4-2.

Quarter-Final: Marcio Andre def Leonardo Saggioro 2-1-0 (Watch Match)

A true battle of wills. This was a grinding match won by Marcio Andre's lone advantage.

Semi-Final:  Marcio Andre def. Isaac Doderlein 4-2 (Watch Match)

Semi-Final: Matheus Gabriel def. Osvaldo 'Queixinho' Mozinho  4-2  (Watch Match)

Compelling back and forth battle with numerous sub attempts from both athletes. 

Final: Marcio Andre vs Matheus Gabriel

Adult / Male / BLACK / Light

Quarter-Final: Lucas Lepri def. Johnny Tama (Close Out)

Tama lets the veteran Alliance black belt pass through to the semi-finals.

Quarter-Final: Renato Canuto def. Michael Langhi 2-0 (Watch Match)

Razor close match, Renato Canuto scored an early takedown and kept the lead for the rest of the match. 

Quarter-Final: Rodrigo Freitas def. Ygor Rodrigues via submission (Watch Match)

Incredible performance from Rodrigo Freitas, he submits the 2019 Brazilian champ to earn his spot in the semi-final. 

Quarter-Final: Lucas Valente vs N/A (will pass to semi-finals due to double DQ yesterday)

Semi-Final:  Lucas Valle def. Renato Canuto (Advantage 0-1) (Watch Match)

Down to the wire, Lucas Valle manages to hang on to an early advantage and claim his spot in the lightweight final. 

Semi-final: Lucas Lepri def. Rodrigo Freitas (Watch Match)

Lepri looked phenomenal in his semi-final bout with Rodrigo Freitas. The alliance star attacked for the back and submitted with bow and arrow choke at the 5-minute mark.

Final: Lucas Lepri vs Lucas Valle

Adult / Male / BLACK / Middle

Quarter-Final:  Isaque Bahiense def. JT Torres 4-2 (Watch Match)

A calculated match, much of the fight was spent in the 50/50 position. Bahiense takes it 4-2

Quarter-Final: Gabriel Arges def. Claudio Calasans 6-4 (Watch Match)

Arges used a beautiful berimbolo back take where he attempted to hit a standing RNC on the Atos legend.  Arges remained perched on Calasans back for the remainder of the match to win 6-4.

Quarter-Final: Marcos Tinoco def. Michael Lieira Jr.  5-0 (Watch Match)

Tinoco's guard was the shining element of this quarter-final bout.  Tinoco stayed disciplined and waited for the dying moments of the match to pass the guard, final score 5-0.  

Quarter-Final: Jaime Canuto def Otavio Sousa via Referee's Decision (Watch Match)

Canuto secured an early advantage off of a double e guard pull and remained attack on top for the rest of the round.  Otavio tied advantages the match in the last 5 seconds with a sweep attempt, but Canuto was given the referee's decision and advances to the semi-final.

Semi-final: Isaque Bahiense def. Jaime Canto Via submission. (Watch Match)

A savage toehold from Bahiense earns him a spot in the middleweight final.

Semi-final: Gabriel Arges def. Marcos Tinoco 2-0 (Watch Match)

Gabriel Arges played a very cautious game against the always dangerous Tinico, waiting to sweep until the final minute of competition.

Final: Gabriel Arges vs Isaque Bahiense

Adult / Male / BLACK / Medium-Heavy

Quarter-Final: Matheus Diniz def. Lucas Barbosa 2-0 (Watch Match)

Matheus Diniz hits a last-second takedown to score two points and advance to the semi-final.

Quater-Final: Renato Cardoso def. Rudson Mateus 2-4-3 (Watch Match)

The score doesn't reflect the action of this match; Renato Cardoso defeats Rudson Mateus by a single advantage.

Quarter-Final: Felipe Pena def. Nisar Loynab 6-2 (Watch Match)

Despite some a few solid attacking sequences from Nisar, this match was one-way traffic for Felipe Pena. 

Quarter-Final: Gustavo Batista def. Matheus Spirandeli 2-0 (Watch Match)

Semi-Final: Felipe Pena Def. Matheus Diniz (Watch Match)

Felipe showed why he's a previous World champ in this match – his masterful defense of the back take prevented a beasting Matheus Diniz for scoring anything more than 2 advantages for his efforts.  The Gracie Barra athlete was able to recover his guard and sweep for two, giving him the lead.

Semi-Final: Gustavo Batista def. Renato Cardoso via Submission (Watch Match)

Batista was all over Cardoso from the jump, earning an early two points for a sweep. Batista put Cardoso to sleep with 2:45 seconds left.

Final: Gustavo Batista vs Felipe Pena

Adult / Male / BLACK / Heavy

Quarter-Final: Kaynan Duarte def. Adam Wardzinski via Submission (Watch Match)

Kaynan Duarte continues to find the cracks in Wardzinski's game, he submitted the Checkmat black belt with plenty of time on the clock.

Quarter-Final: Vinicius Ferreira def. Patrick Gaudio via Referee Decision (Watch Match)

Quarter-Final: Leandro Lo def. Jackson Sousa 4-1-3 (Watch Match)

The match reached peak energy when Leandro was given a penalty for fleeing the mat, giving Sousa the lead on by four advantages and putting the onus on Lo to score in the last 30 seconds. The legendary competitor showed his grit by getting the 2 points he needed in a dramatic scramble and advanced to the semi-final.

Quarter-Final: Dimitrius Souza def Fernando Andrade (close out)

Semi-Final: Leandro Lo def. Vinicius Ferreira Via DQ  (Watch Match)

Semi-Final: Kaynan Durate def Dimitrius Souza (Watch Match)

Not a ton of action here. Kaynan smartly used the tilt sweep form SLX and to score 2. He stayed on top the rest of the match.

Adult / Male / BLACK / Super-Heavy

Quarter-Final: Mahamed Aly def. Igor Schnider via Submission (Watch Match)

Mahamed Aly showed his tremendous physicality in his bout with Igor Schneider, earning an early advantage for a takedown attempt before getting tied up in deep half for several minutes. He finished the match with a kimura.  

Quarter-Final: Guilherme Soares def. Gutemberg Pereira (Watch Match)

In a bit of a shock result, Guilherme Soares from  Alliance passed Gutemberg's guard to make his way to the super-heavyweight semi-final. 

Quarter-Final: Nicholas Meregali def. Helton Junior 2-0 (Watch Match)

Nicholas Meregali played a calculated game against Atos player Helton Junior to take the win by a single sweep. 

Quarter-Final:  Luiz Panza def. Wellington Moden via Submission (Watch Match)

Luiz Panza hit a triangle from inverted guard to submit Wellington Modena. 

Semi-Final: Mahamed Aly vs Guilherme Soares (Watch Match)

Mahamed Aly gets it done with a sweep. He'll meet Nicholas Meregali in the final. 

Semi-Final: Nicholas Meregali Meregi vs Luiz Panza (Watch Match)

Meregali opened the match strong, passing Panza's guard at the 9:00 Minute mark.  He went on to submit Panza with an armbar at 8:00.  

Adult / Male / BLACK / Ultra-Heavy

Quarter-Final: Max Gimenis def. Renan Marcel via submission (Watch Match)

Quarter-Final: Marcus 'Buchecha' Almeida def. Thomas McMahon 11-0 (Watch Match)

Marcus Buchecha won his opening match today in convincing fashion, he went 11-0 by the end of regulation. 

Quarter-Final: Felipe Bezerra def. Victor Oliveira. (Watch Match)

A last-minute scramble gave Felipe Bezerra the advantage needed to get by Victor Honorio. 

Quarter-Final: Riccardo Evangelista def. Luis Lopes via submission (Watch Match)

Riccardo Evangelista was in fine form in his quarter-final match; he submitted Luis Lopes with a toehold in four minutes.

Semi-final: Riccardo Evangelista def. Felipe Bezerra via submission (Watch Video)

Riccardo Evangelista stormed passed Felipe Bezerra with a submission win at in just under two minutes. 

Semi-final: Marcus Buchecha def. Max Gimenis via submission (Watch Video)

Buchecha remains untouchable. He finished GF Team all-star Max Gimenis with 30 seconds left on the clock.

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