Results & Match Videos: Garry Tonon vs Dante Leon, Hulk vs Cyborg & More

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It's time for another edition of Who's Number One! Our main event this time is an ADCC rematch between Garry Tonon and Dante Leon, which is sure to be just as exciting this time around.

You won't want to miss a minute of the action tonight: the main card also features two Atos vs Fight Sports matches. First, Ronaldo Junior will take on Vagner Rocha, then we'll see Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa vs Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu.

If you do miss something, don't worry! I'll be posting live updates here. Stay tuned. 

Edwin "Junny" Ocasio vs Gabe Tuttle

Tuttle sat to guard and Ocasio flashed past it twice. The first time, he snagged a kimura grip but Tuttle had enough space to reguard. The second time, Ocasio couldn’t get anything going and conceded the position before sitting to guard himself.

From guard, he scooped up an ankle and swept, taking yet another guard pass on the way up. He had more control this time and slowly progressed to mount. He collected an arm triangle, a favorite of Ocasio’s. Though he couldn’t finish it, the constant attack and pressure was enough to secure him a unanimous decision.

Edwin Junny Ocasio def Gabe Tuttle via Decision – watch video

Elisabeth Clay vs Maggie Grindatti

Clay sat immediately to butterfly guard and began searching for control points. Grindatti remained patient and postured, looking to sneak a leg inside the guard. Neither competitor was willing to concede an inch or a grip for the first half of the match, and when Clay got aggressive, Grindatti backed away and kept distance.

Clay eventually moved to closed guard to create action, and pulled her legs seamlessly in front of Grindatti for a gogoplata. For her efforts, she was slammed, but that may have only made the submission tighter, as Clay earned the tap seconds later.

Elisabeth Clay def Maggie Grindatti via Gogoplata – watch video

Vagner Rocha vs Ronaldo Junior

In classic Vagner Rocha style, guard pulling was not an option for the majority of this match. After three minutes of wrestling exchanges, Ronaldo nearly secured double underhooks, but Rocha was able to clear them and return to hand fight.

Rocha hit a blast double-leg but nearly took the action off stage. Ronaldo grabbed at a guillotine while the referees struggled to keep the competitors on the stage, and they eventually reset standing in the center.

Rocha shot in again, and again nearly threw Ronaldo off the mat. 

In a scramble, Rocha ended up on bottom, and quickly stood up into Ronaldo’s guillotine. He lost the choke then jumped to closed guard.

In creating offense, Ronaldo opened his guard, subjecting himself to Rocha’s passing pressure. At points, Ronaldo was capable of elevating Rocha but could not capitalize on it.

Rocha sat back on a calf crush, and not finding the submission, came back to passing. Ronaldo took another try at a guillotine, but it was less threatening than previous attempts.

With two minutes left, Rocha sat back for an ankle lock. As Ronaldo came up, he jumped at yet another fruitless guillotine. Rocha returned to the passing position.

In the waning minutes, Ronaldo tried to tie up Rocha’s legs for a foot lock, but he could not control the knee line. 

Rocha sat back on his own leg lock, a bit more threatening than Ronaldo’s, but not enough. The match went to a decision.

Two of the three referees saw it in favor of Rocha.

Vagner Rocha def Ronaldo Junior via Split Decision – watch video

Roberto Cyborg Abreu vs Lucas Hulk Barbosa

Hulk looked energetic to start the wrestling exchange. He sat in on a single leg but gave up a tight guillotine grip to Cyborg in the process. Barbosa scrambled anxiously to escape and ended up behind Cyborg, then rolled for back control. The action slowed momentarily. As Cyborg escaped, he snatched the chinstrap grip again, but Hulk was quicker to escape this time.

The competitors continued to hand fight for a few minutes, each periodically shooting for takedowns.

Cyborg finally took a successful shot toward the edge of the mat, and transitioned right into Hulk’s half guard with pressure. After a moment, Hulk found his way back to his feet.

Hulk took two shots, each of which was answered by a guillotine attempt from Cyborg.

After another minute, Hulk jumped for a flying leg entry. Finding none, he tried to create action from his guard. He had a look at a Kimura, but Cyborg shook it off and turned his pressure passing on.

The match went to referee decision, and to Cyborg.

Roberto Cyborg Abreu def Lucas Hulk Barbosa via Decision – watch video

Garry Tonon vs Dante Leon

What an exciting match! There was not a single moment of inaction, and Tonon dictated most of it. At times, Tonon’s movement and attack exposed his back to Leon. And Leon, always savvy for an attack, took every opportunity he was given. But Tonon has such unusual and effective escapes, and turned each of Leon’s attacks into his own opportunities.

This match had very few static positions. It was an utter scramble from start to finish.

After 15 minutes of action, the match went to referee decision. Garry Tonon won by unanimous decision and made a point in calling out JT Torres.

Garry Tonon def Dante Leon via Decision – watch video

Johnny Tama And Oliver Taza Will Square Off At Who's Number One On March 26

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Johnny Tama and Oliver Taza will join the Who’s Number One card on March 26 in a prelim match to be streamed live for free on FloGrappling’s Facebook and YouTube channels.

'I Was Wrong': Regretful Andre Galvao Apologizes To Jiu-Jitsu Community

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Andre Galvao made his first statement since his incident with Gordon Ryan at WNO last Friday. Speaking in an Instagram live stream, Galvao assumed responsibility for the altercation and apologized to the jiu-jitsu community. 

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Kade Ruotolo & Ethan Crelinsten To Run It Back At WNO On March 26

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Who's Number One (WNO) returns March 26th for another stacked event, with WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Vagner Rocha! The pound-for-pound King is back for his fourth match at WNO where he'll be taking on the top middleweight grappler in the world in Vagner Rocha.

Maggie Grindatti To Face Rafaela Guedes At Who's Number One On March 26


Two of the best women in the 145 lb division will face off on the main card at Who’s Number One: Gordon Ryan vs Vagner Rocha on March 26. 

Vagner Rocha's Base Is Nearly Unsweepable | Stats Report


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Vagner Rocha has a reputation.

Mikey Musumeci Set To Make WNO Debut Against Marcelo Cohen March 26

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Who's Number One (WNO) returns March 26th for another stacked event with WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Vagner Rocha! The pound-for-pound King is back for his fourth match at WNO where he'll be taking on the top middleweight grappler in the world in Vagner Rocha.

Buchecha Confirms MMA Debut, Faces Undefeated KO Artist


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Buchecha's long-awaited MMA debut has a date. The ADCC and IBJJF World champion will enter the ring with ONE Championship in Singapore on April 14. 

Nick Rodriguez And Yuri Simões To Meet At WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Vagner Rocha

WNO Nicky Rod Yuri Simoes Matchups

Who’s Number One returns on March 26 for WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Vanger Rocha. Both athletes in the main event are ADCC medalists, and they’ll be joined on the card by two more member of that exclusive club. In the co-main event, two-time ADCC gold medalist Yuri Simões will take on the Danaher Death Squad’s Nick Rodriguez.

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