2021 Pan Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF Championship

The Brown Belts You Need To Know Before The 2021 IBJJF Pan Championships

The Brown Belts You Need To Know Before The 2021 IBJJF Pan Championships

Some talented young stars are taking on brown belt divisions for the 2021 IBJJF Pan Championships on Sept. 1-5. Here are the names you need to know.

Aug 24, 2021 by Corey Stockton
The Brown Belts You Need To Know Before The 2021 IBJJF Pan Championships

The 2021 IBJJF Pan Championship is shaping up to be the most star-studded gi event of the last 18 months. Returning Pans champions, rookie black belts, and some of Brazil’s finest up and coming competitors are all in the mix.

While Pans will be a great opportunity to watch some of the most competitive black belts square off for a coveted title, it’s also a chance to look toward the future. Some of the brown belts registered for Pans show promise to be future black belt champions. They have the precision, the athleticism, the star power; these are the brown belts to watch at the 2021 IBJJF Pan Championships on September 1-5.

Male Roosterweight | 13-man division

The favorites:

Male Light Featherweight | 13-man division

The favorites:

Thalys Pontes earned his brown belt in 2020, a few months after earning a Pans title. During his Pans run, he won each of his four matches via submission. Pontes is best known for his vicious loop choke, and his perpetually dangerous closed guard. He’s the man to beat in this division. Currently 17-0 as a brown belt, Pontes will be the top dog in this division.

Male Featherweight | 25-man division

The favorites:

  • Ismael Santos*
  • Zach Kaina’alili*
  • Vinicius Silva
  • Richard Bukovcsan
  • Edward Lucero Jr.
  • Rohan Patel

Ismael dos Santos is one of the top prospects at featherweight. He’s fresh off a gold medal performance at American Nationals, and has been piling up medals in the weight class — not to mention the absolute division — all year.

Art Of Jiu-Jitsu’s newest brown belt, Zach Kaina has had the purple belt featherweight division under lock and key for the last two years. Now he’s prepared to try his skills at the next level. Kaina is technical, strategically savvy, and keeps a high pace, which makes him one to keep an eye on in this division.

Male Lightweight | 28-man division

The favorites:

Eduardo Roque seems to have spent every weekend this year atop a podium. Roque knows when to turn up the pace, and when he does, he generally keeps the scramble alive until he finds a submission. He took bronze at Pans in 2020, and will have his eyes set a few levels higher this time around.

Male Middleweight | 26-man division

The favorites:

Austin Oranday has been stockpiling hardware in the middleweight division since early 2020. He has a finisher’s spirit, and is particularly dangerous with his leg locks. This may be his division to take.

Male Medium Heavyweight | 19-man division

The favorites:

The heaviest top prospect out of AOJ, Matheus Rodrigues regularly submits any and all opponents set before him. He should be considered the favorite to win this division, and to reach the absolute podium as well.

Male Heavyweight | 18-man division

The favorites:

The heavyweight division may be the most exciting of the brown belt tournament. “El Monstro,” Elder Cruz looked stellar in his brown belt debut at American Nationals. “The Hillbilly Hammer,” Jacob Couch, will be a fan favorite in this division. But the unsung hero is “Laranjinha,” Felipe Costa, who has demonstrated a better gi pedigree than his division cohorts. He’s the next big star out of Six Blades, and this could be his coming out party.

Male Super Heavyweight | 9-man division

The favorites:

  • Javier Zaruski*
  • Renan Cruz

Javier Zaruski of Atos has been one of the toughest draws in the heavy weight classes all year. He has a pressure oriented style, with which he wears down his oppoents, and usually grinds out a late arm triangle submission.

Male Ultra Heavyweight | 13-man division

The favorites:

  • Taylor Kettler
  • Guilherme Bacha
  • Matheus Menezes

Female Roosterweight | 7-woman Division

The Favorite

  • Jhenifer Aquino

Female Light Featherweight | 8-woman division

The favorites:

Jessica Crane has been dominant all year on the IBJJF circuit. Without a doubt, she’ll be the one to beat here. But new brown belt Abbi Pontes could pose a substantial threat to Crane. She recently defeated the decorated black belt Brenda Larissa at AJP Miami. Last time Pontes and Crane met, Pontes won a decision victory for gold at 2020 Pans when both women were purple belts.

Female Featherweight | 11-woman division

The favorites:

  • Priscilla Eckhardt
  • Fernanda Figueira

Female Lightweight | 8-woman division

The favorite:

  • Thamires Monteiro

Female Middleweight | 5-woman division

The favorite:

  • Deise Leonanjo

Deise Leonanjo has been atop nearly every podium at purple belt, and has remained successful since earning her brown belt in July. Pans gold in her first try would be a huge feather in her cap, and she's the favorite to win it here.

Female medium heavyweight | 5-woman division

The favorite:

  • Larisa Dias

Female heavyweight | 5-woman division

The favorites:

  • Leticia Cardozo
  • Luciana Mota

Female Super Heavyweight | 3-woman division

The favorite:

  • Maryanna Cardoso

Full 2021 IBJJF Pans Brown Belt Roster:

Adult / Male / Rooster


Alliance Los AngelesAbraham S Majedi
Alliance MarylandTadiyah William Danforth
Alliance OrlandoCarlos Alberto Florez
Ares BJJMatheus Henrique Araújo Azancot Vilaça
Ares BJJTomás Brunner
Art of Jiu JitsuHiryu Niwa
Atos Jiu-JitsuOsamah Ali Ali Almarwai
BJJ GlobetrottersCoco Izutsu
Brazil 021 School of Jiu-JitsuPierre Pires
Crazy 88Christopher Duyquan Tran
Dojo Leo IturraldeJose Gregorio Orozco Bonilla
Team Robson MouraEric Michael Naples
VBros BJJAntonio J. B. Villiatora

Adult / Male / Light-Feather


127 BJJValor Ulysses Boyer
Alliance EcuadorEnrique A Guerrero Gonzalez
Ares BJJErmeson Rogério Ribeiro de Sousa
Art of Jiu JitsuDennis Russell Sisti
Art of Jiu JitsuReon Niwa
Carlson Gracie TeamSebastian Ernesto Serpa
Demian Maia Jiu-Jitsu USAJulien Ariel Lopez-Moreno
Nova União USAAidan L. Collins
PSLPB Cicero CosthaThalys de Oliveira Pontes
Roberto Traven BJJThomas Foster Kennedy
Soul Fighters TexasJarrod Trotter
Team Lloyd IrvinShon Rico Staton II
Team Robson MouraMatheus D. C. M. Fonseca

Adult / Male / Feather


Active Jiu-JitsuAndy Ramirez Reyes
AllianceNicholas Seth Gavin
American Jiu-Jitsu SyndicateNicholas Randall Gifford
American Top Team Junior FernandesJustin Carneiro
Armyfighter CombativesChad Edward Myers
Art of Jiu JitsuLucas Batista Rodrigues
Brazil 021 School of Jiu-JitsuVinícius da Silva Pereira
Checkmat Vida Jiu-JitsuEric Joseph Alfonso Jr.
Combat BaseEduardo Manuel Farfan Arias
ECJJARichard Raul Bukovcsan
GF TeamArtur dos Santos Oliveira
GF TeamIsmael dos Santos Lima
Gracie Barra CancunQuetzalcoatl Rivas Gonzalez
Gracie Barra Rio de JaneiroMarcelo Perialdo D. de Almeida
Gracie Barra UplandCody M. Yanez-Jahangiri
Gracie Barra UplandJason Alexander Dowser
Legion American Jiu-JitsuEdward Vincente Lucero Jr.
NOLA Brazilian Jiu-JitsuMateus Daciuk Moreira
Nova União InternationalNicolas Ignacio Ponce Gallegos
Roberto Traven BJJAn Thien Vu
Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJNicholas Fernando Martinez
SAS TeamChristian Eli Hoffman
Taylor Biagi Jiu-JitsuRohan M Patel
Warriors Factory Haubert Team BJJSamir E. Bendeck Chaluja

Adult / Male / Light


Alliance EcuadorPaolo Portaluppi Alcivar
Alliance Marcelo GarciaRicardo Costa
Ares BJJ MABJJ AcademyAmr Mohamed M. Elsayed Hassanin Gebril
Atos Jiu-JitsuAndré Marcelo Gamarra Sicuro Valle
Atos Jiu-JitsuDaniel Sathler Campos
Calasans BJJ InternationalEnrique Chaluja
Checkmat JM Modern JJMichael Shane McDonald
Daniri Jiu-JitsuJose de Jesus M. Cornelio
Fight SportsBernardo Delibero
GF TeamVinícius Góes Barbosa
GF Team InternationalGennaro Gianfranco Yucra
Gilbert Durinho Association USAAri Lee Pollan
Gracie Barra AmericaBrian Travis
Gracie Barra Morgan Hill, CAGerson Alef da Silva Oliveira
Gracie Barra Rio de JaneiroCarlos André Silva dos Santos
Nine Nine JapanMyke Ohura de Jesus
Ohana Jiu-Jitsu AcademyManuel Roberto Aguilar
PSLPB Cicero CosthaLucas Garcia de Alcantara
Renzo Gracie AcademyAlmir Muratovic
Renzo Gracie NewarkMatheus Batista da Silva
Soul Fighters TexasJoshua Berry Kennon
Start Brazilian Jiu-JitsuEduardo de Araujo Roque
Team Lloyd IrvinElijah Amir Dorsey
Team Robson MouraDeven Collin Snyder
Team Shawn HammondsAndrew Michael Pardee
Trident Jiu-JitsuKevin Eduardo M. de Jesus
Unity Jiu-jitsuAnthony Christopher Ortiz
VBros BJJAlika Villiatora

Adult / Male / Middle


Alliance AtlantaDelbert Louie Griffith
Alliance CharlotteAustin Caine Oranday
American Top Team Junior FernandesBernardo Goncalves Ribas
Ares BJJ MABJJ AcademyJonathan P. Bechtloff
Danny Savery BJJ / New England UnitedCurtis Justin Mateus
De La Riva Jiu-Jitsu USAMarco Domenico Lorusso
Essential Jiu-JitsuDante Derrick Muschamp
Fight SportsBenjamin Kunzle
Fight SportsFelipe Porto Schiavon
GF Team RecreioGuilherme Thury Mosqueira de Azevedo
Gracie AllegianceNoah Alfredo Chen
Gracie Barra ColumbusChristopher Lee Pratt
Guigo JJ InternationalEduardo Josue Castillo Zimic
Legion American Jiu-JitsuJonathan Lane Fennell
Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu-JitsuKaleb Dewayne Germany
McVicker's Brazilian Jiu JitsuChristopher Matthew Wojcik
McVicker's Brazilian Jiu JitsuRamses Bugarin
Me, WeYuto Yanai
Niagara Falls Brazilian Jiu-JitsuDaniel Christian Donahue
Pedigo Submission FightingClay Landon Mayfield
Qatar BJJ BrasilCarlos Alberto Castro de Araújo Neto
Roberto Traven BJJElijah Youngblood Pizarro
Roberto Traven BJJShammah Eugene Womack
Start Brazilian Jiu-JitsuMason Grey Barchard
TacticsMatheus Bloemer
Team James ClingermanChase Westin Bruton

Adult / Male / Medium-Heavy


Alliance SPEnderson Dias de Almeida
American Top Team DavieScott Edmond Pitts
American Top Team Junior FernandesDilano O'Brian Taylor
Anibal FightFelipe Aníbal Ferraz Teixeira
Art of Jiu JitsuMateus Rodrigues de Souza
Atos Jiu-JitsuLogan M. Yox
Carlson GracieJared Wayne Haymon
CheckMatJansen Gomes Ramos
Clark's University of Martial ArtsAaron Colter Tiegs
Daniel Gracie AcademyBrendan Peck
Fight SportsStephen Thomas Bonfardin
Gulf Breeze Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / CheckmatGilberto Henrique Saraiva
Gustavo Machado BJJJason Jay Castellanos
Helio Soneca BJJNathan Alan Haddad
Pedigo Submission FightingJorge Valladares
Renzo Gracie AcademyArthan Bandeira Silva Barcellos
Solis Martial Arts ClubChad Eric Ross
Trident Jiu-JitsuSterling Van Mellman
Xcell Jiu-Jitsu AcademyGabriel Alexander Landinguin

Adult / Male / Heavy


Alliance SPLucas Giraud Ribeiro
Ares BJJ BrasilItalo Lima Costa
Ares BJJ MABJJ AcademyTheo Lee L. de Andrades
Checkmat New YorkJosé Miguel Díaz Ureña
CheckMat USAElder Alexander Cruz
CheckMat USAMonir Ahmed Toukhi
Double Five DallasSteffen M. Banta
Fabio Novaes BJJMatheus P. B. Alves
Fernando Moya Jiu-Jitsu AcademyJavier Arturo Barter
Fight SportsJohn-Dylan Romann
Gracie Barra Rio de JaneiroJoão Márcio Ferreira dos Santos
Kuwait Jiu-Jitsu AcademyEmad K. I. Alsumait
Pedigo Submission FightingJacob Lee Couch
Renzo Gracie OrlandoRamiro Leon
Roberto Traven BJJOlodon Densu-Ru Vassall
Six Blades Jiu-Jitsu - BrasilCássio Felipe Sousa Costa
Supremacy Brazilian Jiu-JitsuZachary Kenneth Allen
TAC Team BJJBryan Peterson

Adult / Male / Super-Heavy


American Jiu-Jitsu SyndicateBryce Sexton
Atos Jiu-JitsuJavier Zaruski Saul
CheckMat USAGregory William Mooney
Double Five TijucaLucas Valentim Alves Montalvão
GF Team OhioDaniel Marc Calvert
Legacy Jiu-Jitsu - Team Alberto CraneJosiah Errol De Los Santos Wakefield
Marcio Cruz Brazilian Jiu-JitsuRenan Cruz
Renzo Gracie OttawaJustin Primrose
Toronto BJJMichael Bakhtiyarov

Adult / Male / Ultra-Heavy


Atos Jiu-JitsuMatheus de Menezes Ferreira Marely
Babalu's Iron GymRicardo N. Camarero Esparza
Brazilian Top Team BostonLevi de Moura Guimarães
Caio Terra AssociationTaylor Michael Kettler
CheckMatGuilherme Bacha Guedes
CheckMatPaulo André Lanzillotti
Double Five Highland VillageRicky R Kolmel
Fabio Novaes BJJTyler Scott Moore
GF TeamAndrezo Ramos Andrezo
Gracie Barra CharlotteOmarre Lavere Griffith
Pedro Sauer TeamBradley Addison Burkett
Renzo Gracie AcademySolan P. Thomas
Walters Jiu-JitsuThurman Maurice Green

Adult / Female / Rooster


Alliance Los AngelesGiulia Guimaraes Gregorut
Ares BJJAna Luiza Oliveira
Atos Atlanta BJJFaye Lynn Cherrier
Atos Jiu-JitsuJhenifer Aquino Gonzaga
Fifty/50 Jiu-JitsuNora Ticha Levy-Forsythe
Fight SportsJulia Gomes B. de Jesus
Manzur BrosJazmin Hamuy

Adult / Female / Light-Feather


Ares BJJ MABJJ AcademyJessica Mallely Crane
BJJ Revolution Team - InternationalMara Ananda Kelly
GF TeamMelissa Britez Costa
Gracie Barra NorthridgeJennifer J Mendoza
One Jiu-Jitsu USAKathleen Egan
PSLPB Cicero Costha USAAbbigayle Pontes
Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu BerkeleyDorothy Tran Dao
ZR Team CaliforniaMichelle Jacqueline Nunez

Adult / Female / Feather


Alliance EcuadorDiana Gabriela Diaz Santander
Atos JJ Rio ClaroElizabeth Joy Liera
Carlson Gracie Central FloridaShawna Lee Ormsby
Cicero Costha CanadaJanine Lillian Mutton
Easton BJJAna Mayordomo Garcia
Fight SportsMiranda Galban
Maxercise PhilaNatalie Konieczny
Pablo Silva BJJPriscilla Eckhardt
PSLPB Cicero CosthaFernanda Sabrina Elias Figueira
SAS Team USAAlannah Arnett
Trident Jiu-JitsuJessie Jane Grace

Adult / Female / Light


Ares BJJGabriela Americo
Bruno Bastos BJJ MidlandEmily Elizabeth Fernandez
CheckMatThamires Arruda Monteiro
Cohab ChileMelissa A. Ubal Cortes
Logos JJRachel Claire Ranschau
Prime Jiu-Jitsu CenterMorgan Leigh Black
PSLPB Cicero Costha USAYasmim Coutinho Pinheiro
Tac Team BJJ - MidwestJoanna Christine Trindade

Adult / Female / Middle


316 BJJAlix Nomie A. Cornu
Art of Jiu JitsuIasmim Casser da Silva
GF TeamBetina Chaves Penedo Pereira
Legacy Jiu-Jitsu - Team Alberto CraneErika Dawn Aeschliman
PSLPB Cicero Costha USADeise dos Santos Leonanjo

Adult / Female / Medium-Heavy


Alliance SPLarissa Dias de Almeida
Carlson Gracie Team AlbertaRebecca Faris
Gracie Barra MadisonJulie Michaela Ribeiro
Paul Silva Jiu JitsuSavannah Maria Barth
Renato Tavares AssociationHannah Marie Harjo

Adult / Female / Heavy


Alliance JJLetícia Cardozo de Carvalho
Brazilian Top TeamMaria Vitória Gonçalves Ruffatto
Pedro Sauer TeamAkeela Jovon Al-Hameed
Zenith BJJ - Las VegasLuciana Mota Castelo Branco
ZR Team NCEleftheria Christodoulou

Adult / Female / Super-Heavy


Lotus Club USASavannah Marie Ellis
Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJMaryanna Santos Cardoso
TRUJITSU/ExcelsiorAlayna Lott