2021 FloGrappling WNO Championship

Duarte Is A Safe Bet, But Not The Only One | WNO Championship Betting Lines

Duarte Is A Safe Bet, But Not The Only One | WNO Championship Betting Lines

The betting lines for the heavyweight division at the WNO Championship have been released. See the favorite, and the best value picks below.

Sep 21, 2021 by Corey Stockton
Duarte Is A Safe Bet, But Not The Only One | WNO Championship Betting Lines

Update (Sept 23) — Luiz Panza is out; Giancarlo Bodoni is in.

The online betting site BetOnline has released money lines for FloGrappling’s WNO Championship.

These odds are constantly fluctuating. The odds below were reported as of August 25. Find the most up to date betting lines on BetOnline.

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Odds to win the Men’s Heavyweight tournament:

Kaynan Duarte +135

Kyle Boehm +300

Mason Fowler +350

Orlando Sanchez +3400

Giancarlo Bodoni +1000

Haisam Rida +1200

Aaron Tex Johnson +1800

Tim Spriggs +4000

Luiz Panza +4500

Kaynan Duarte is the hands down favorite in this heavyweight division. He’s had one loss in the last two years, and has earned eight of his 15 wins via submission in that time span. That includes victories over two ADCC champions: Matheus Diniz and Rodolfo Vieira. Given his chances to win this division, it comes as a surprise that he’s not a more substantial favorite. With that in mind, he’s a safe bet here, offering a $145 profit on a successful $100 bet.

But there are others further down the list that could offer a greater potential reward, if also a less probable outcome of victory. The two most substantial are Orlando Sanchez — listed at +360 — and Kyle Boehm, at +250.

Boehm has had his fair share of high profile victories, including wins over Lucas Barbosa, Tex Johnson and Joao Gabriel Rocha. He most often thrives in the EBI ruleset, which could make things more challenging for him, and should make betters skeptical of his chances. Still he’s a submission hunter, and that style is heavily rewarded in the WNO ruleset.

Big O, Orlando Sanchez, could also be worth the gamble. While he’s been out of competition for the last few years, he has said he’s more prepared than ever for this tournament. Add that with his accolades from years Prior; he’s one of just two ADCC champions in this division, and he would seem to be the most challenging potential opponent for Kaynan Duarte.

A bet on Big O is something of a risk given his lack of recent experience. But the reward would be substantial: a $360 payout on a successful $100 bet.