2022 EUG Promotions Event #4

Levi Jones-Leary & Ronaldo Junior Atop The 8-Man EUG Grand Prix

Levi Jones-Leary & Ronaldo Junior Atop The 8-Man EUG Grand Prix

The EUG Promotions 180 lb strap is up for grabs, and some of the world's most competitive middleweights are lining up to take their shot at the $10k prize.

Jun 9, 2022 by Corey Stockton

EUG — Evolve Ur Game — will bring the gi back to Las Vegas for the promotion’s fourth installment, an eight man 180 lb Grand Prix featuring two of the world’s premiere middleweights.

Levi Jones-Leary and Ronaldo Junior will try to join the ranks of EUG GP champions, which already includes Andy Murasaki, Johnatha Alves, and Diego “Pato” Oliviera. The division winner will take home a $10,000 prize.

Jones-Leary, a 2019 Pans and European Champion, has been toggling between the light and middleweight divisions for the past few major events. Regardless of weight class, the Australian Unity representative has a fearsome guard. He’s well known for his berimbolo attacks, and is developing a formidable reputation for his tricky baratoplatas.

That could pit him well against the 2020 Pan champ, the human highlight reel, Ronaldo Junior. The Atos middleweight is among the best in the world. His dynamic takedown game is surpassed only by his flashy passing. Ronaldo’s game is precise and explosive, and never wanting for energy or action.

These two are the likely favorites in the division, but may not be on opposite ends. The EUG bracket will be decided by random draw, and is set to include dangerous grapplers such as European and Pans champion Manuel Ribamar, Dream Art up-and-comer Lucas Gualberto, avid competitors Rodrigo Lopes, Alexandre Jesus, And [p, and wild card Shane Shapiro.

There’s ten stacks and the future of the middleweight division on the line; don’t miss the EUG 180 lb Grand Prix on Saturday, June 11.