2022 Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena

Gordon Still The Favorite, But Less So Than Ever | Tezos WNO Betting Lines

Gordon Still The Favorite, But Less So Than Ever | Tezos WNO Betting Lines

The betting lines have been released for Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena, and the heavyweight champion is less of a favorite than ever.

Jul 29, 2022 by Corey Stockton
Gordon Still The Favorite, But Less So Than Ever | Tezos WNO Betting Lines

Online betting sites have released money lines for Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena presented by Fat Tire. The August 7 card is scheduled to feature five main card bouts as well as two free undercard matchups. There are money lines for each, including straight up bets and juicy props. Check out the favorites, underdogs, over/unders, and more below. 

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Gordon Ryan -800 vs Felipe Pena +425

*no time limit

Over 30min +150

Under 30min -185

Gordon Ryan fans will be excited, as there’s never been more upside to bet on the Tezos WNO heavyweight champion. Gordon Ryan is a considerable favorite against Felipe Pena at -800, but in each of his previous Tezos WNO matches, his lines have been set between -1000 and -4000.

This is good news for fans of Pena as well, especially those who believe in Pena’s path to victory. He’s +425 underdog, meaning there’s huge winning potential if he can earn his third consecutive victory over Gordon Ryan to capture the heavyweight title.

Perhaps the best value bet is the over 30 min, set at +150. Gordon Ryan took Pedro Marinho to the 25-minute mark in their 30 minute match, and it seems he would have continued searching for the submission he called if not for his desire to keep his now 16-match submission streak alive.

Even in their first match, set for 60 minutes, Pena did not submit Gordon until 45 minutes in.

Nicholas Meregali -165 vs Rafael Lovato Jr. +135

Over 10min -300

Under 10min +245

Meregali by Submission +150

Meregali by Decision +100

Lovato Jr. by Submission +375

Lovato Jr. by Decision +175

Rafael Lovato Jr. has years more experience in no-gi competition than 2-0 Tezos WNO veteran Nicholas Meregali. Still, he’s a slight underdog at +135. He’ll be Meregali’s toughest test to date on the WNO mats, and those who haven’t been impressed by Meregali’s two submission wins will be happy to see that a successful bet for Lovato will be rewarded.

But those who believe the Meregali hype have much to gain as well; his -165 odds offer a $62 profit on a successful $100 bet.

Mica Galvao -550 vs Alan Sanchez +375

Over 10min +100

Under 10min -135

Galvao by Submission -150

Galvao by Decision +175

Sanchez by Submission +650

Sanchez by Decision +500

 Mica Galvao is currently 5-1 on the Tezos WNO mats, and stands as a heavy favorite against WNO debutant Alan Sanchez. This matchup is full of risky bets. Galvao has gone to decision more often than he has submitted his opponents on Tezos WNO. But given his style, it’s hard to believe he can’t submit Sanchez.

Bia Mesquita -155 vs Elisabeth Clay +125

Over 10min -350

Under 10min +275 

Mesquita by Submission +200

Mesquita by Decision +100

Clay by Submission +215

Clay by Decision +250

Beatriz Mesquita is one of the most accomplished grapplers in history. Moreover, the Tezos WNO bantamweight champ is amid preparation for the 2022 ADCC World Championships, meaning she should be in peak shape for this match against Elisabeth Clay. This match will be a step up in weight for Mesquita, and Clay’s guard game is dangerous for any opponent. Still, at -155, Mesquita may be the safest bet here.

Jacob Couch +150 vs Jay Rodriguez -185

Over 10min -225

Under 10min +185

Couch by Submission +200

Couch by Decision +325

Rodriguez by Submission +155

Rodriguez by Decision +115

 Jay Rodriguez’ value is at an all time high following his seven submission run at ADCC Trials, and his impressive surge of attacks against Giancarlo Bodoni in his Tezos WNO debut. Rodriguez lost the match, but proved that his survivability and cardio cannot be questioned.

However, Rodriguez has fallen to skilled leglockers on several occasions, and Jacob Couch is one of the best. Both of these athletes have aggressive, forward styles; so cautious betters may want to take the under 10 minute line at +185.

But those who have faith that Couch can cash in on Rodriguez’ apparent gap in leglock defense may consider taking Couch by submission at +200. Rodriguez by submission—particularly if he can utilize an early wrestling attack to get to Couch’s back—is also an appealing bet at +155.

Free Prelims:

Diogo Reis -325 vs Estevan Martinez +265

Over 10min -400

Under 10min +300

Reis by Submission +200

Reis by Decision -130

Martinez by Submission +500

Martinez by Decision +300

Fabricio Andrey -500 vs Fabian Ramirez +335

Over 10min +135

Under 10min -175

Andrey by Submission -140

Andrey by Decision +155

Ramirez by Submission +600

Ramirez by Decision +450