2022 Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena

Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena

Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena

Follow along with this article all night for real time updates, results and analysis from Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena presented by Fat Tire.

Aug 8, 2022 by Corey Stockton
Live Updates & Results | Tezos WNO: Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena

A match that has been in the making for six years is just moments away. Tonight, after months of escalating trash talk, Gordon Ryan will finally get his rematch against the only man to submit him at black belt, the only man to defeat him twice, the 2017 ADCC Absolute Champion, Felipe Pena.

The no-time limit match guarantees that either Gordon Ryan or Felipe Pena will leave this match with a rare submission loss on their record; and the winner can’t be disputed.

The WNO heavyweight title is on the line. Six years of trash talk will come, once again to a head. And we will find out truly, who is the best grappler in the world.

The undercard is loaded with some of the best of the best, including some matches with huge implications for the upcoming ADCC World Championships. Here is the order of fights:

Follow along with this article all night for real time updates, results and analysis.

“The Baby Shark” Diogo Reis vs “The Giant Slayer” Estevan Martinez

Diogo Reis managed to accomplish what few else have: to slow down Estevan Martinez. Martinez effectively utilized his movement at moments, but couldn’t string together attacks with Reis’ powerful bodylock control and backtakes.  The last two minutes of the match turned into a wrestle-off, in which Reis secured his best submission attempt of the match, a tight katagatame.

Diogo Reis def Estevan Martinez via unanimous decision (15:00)

Fabian Ramirez vs Fabricio Andrey

Fabricio Andrey dominated in the wrestling exchanges, hitting two massive throws, and completing several clean trips and ankle picks, controlling the standup game. As the match continued, Andrey started to dominate the passing game, securing side control and back control throughout the later phase of the mats.

Fabricio Andrey def Fabaian Ramirez via unanimous decision (15:00)

Jay Rodridguez vs Jacob Couch

Jacob Couch pulled guard, and went on relentless attack of Rodriguez’ upper body, attempting several arm crunches before switching to a kimura, which he used for a sweep to the mount. There, he controlled Rodriguez for ten minutes straight, working a katagatame and dropping relentless pressure onto Rodriguez. It seems Couch learned something from his pressure-laden submission loss to Gordon Ryan earlier this year.

Jacob Couch def Jay Rodriguez via unanimous decision (15:00)

Bia Mesquita vs Lis Clay

Eliabeth Clay spent more time trading takedowns than previously in her WNO career, and often baited blast doubles from Bia Mesquita. Clay had a front headlock waiting, but Bia finished the takedown each time. Mesquita passed from the outside, demonstrating her angling speed and pressure, but couldn't maintain top position for long enough to mount an offense.

Still, Mesquita’s pressure did enough in the eyes of the judges; Clay’s late flurry of leg attempts was not enough to overwrite Mesquita’s control.

Bia Mesquita def Elisabeth Clay via unanimous decision (15:00)

Mica Galvao vs Alan Sanchez

Mica Galvao made it clinical against Alan Sanchez, scoring a quick takedown and dropping heavy pressure from mount before securing back control, and handfighting to score a one-armed rear naked choke.

Mica Galvao def Alan Sanchez via rear naked choke (7:26)

Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Nicholas Meregali

Rafael Lovato Jr. came out looking to bully Meregali with jabs to the shoulder and heavy head clubs. But Meregali turned the tables once he secured double underhooks, finishing an uchimata and pressing the attack on the ground. He passed Lovato several times.

When Lovato finally returned to the feet at the halfway point of the match, Meregali secured an identical takedown, and started to snowball pressure when the match returned to the mat. He climbed to mount, the spammed the double-threat katagatame and backtakes. 

Nicholas Meregali def Rafael Lovato Jr via unanimous decision (15:00)

Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena | No time limit heavyweight title match

Timestamp: 7:33

Gordon and Felipe have looked relatively neutral in the handfighting game so far. Neither has taken a significant shot; each appears to be taking his time, wearing on his opponent and trying to rattle him.

Timestamp 10:20

Gordon sits to guard. Felipe follows into Gordon's half guard. Gordon exits through the backdoor and chases for the back. Gordon lands in a body lock pass and drops pressure, but Felipe recovers to open guard.

Timestamp 13:19

Felipe secures a single leg x-guard and uses it to wrestle up. Gordon’s heavy hands are waiting for him, but Gordon only bullies his head for a moment before laying back to guard and inviting Felipe in. Felipe and Gordon begin talking while pummeling for position.

Timestamp 20:42

Felipe looked to pass to the outside, and looked close to finishing it, but Gordon used his momentum to turn the tables, securing top position before allowing Felipe up and pulling guard again.

Timestamp 26:32

Felipe starts ramping up pressure, finding angles but not getting through Gordon’s butterfly half guard. Gordon returned to his feet and diverted more attention to his exhausting handfighting.

Timestamp 34:28

Felipe scores a near takedown, but Gordon recovers, spins to the back, and delivers Felipe to the mat with a huge mat return. Gordon continues to chase the back, but Felipe recovers his guard. He attacks a razor armlock, which earns a laugh from Gordon. The athletes scramble out of bounds, and referee Gabriel Martins rules that Pena was sedentary when the action stopped.

Timestamp 38:42

Gordon is inching his pressure forward; he hasn’t secured a connection, but he’s imposing himself on Felipe. Felipe tried to create space and run back to his feet, but Gordon chased him down with a rear bodylock and used a perfectly timed footsweep to return him to the mat.

Timestamp 44:41

Felipe used 50-50 to set up his bear trap game, stalling Gordon out for some time. He earned a strange angle of leverage to manipulate Gordon’s leg, but Gordon wrestled back to his feet. On the break, Pena seemed to consider quitting.

Gordon earned another high amplitude takedown; and as Felipe worked back to his feet, Gordon kicked Pena’s leg out from beneath him.

Gordon continued dropping passing pressure, until Pena signaled to the referee that he had enough.

Gordon Ryan def Felipe Pena via verbal submission (44:41)