2022 ADCC World Championships

The Biggest Teams Coming To ADCC 2022

The Biggest Teams Coming To ADCC 2022

While it's a feat to send even one athlete to ADCC, these teams are sending five or more to the anticipated biggest event in submission grappling history.

Sep 14, 2022
The Biggest Teams Coming To ADCC 2022

ADCC 2022 is just a few days away, and while some teams are sending one or two athletes to the event — a feat, itself — others are sending armies. These are the largest teams headed to ADCC in Las Vegas this weekend:

Atos: 8

Atos is one of the most decorated squads coming to ADCC this year, with seven returning medalists, including four 2019 champions. The massive squad could see a three-way early-round interteam clashes: Lucas Barbosa vs Josh Hinger or Tye Ruotolo, if our seeding predictions are correct.

77kg: Kade Ruotolo

88kg: Josh Hinger, Lucas "Hulk" Barbosa, Tye Ruotolo

99kg: Kaynan Duarte

-60kg: Bianca Basilio

+60kg: Rafaela Guedes

Superfight: Andre Galvao

*note: JT Torres and Ffion Davies will officially be representing Essential BJJ — not Atos — at ADCC.

Fight Sports: 8

Fight Sports is an established team at ADCC, and is sending new blood this year to compete alongside its established vets. Former absolute champ Cyborg and 2019 silver medalist Vagner Rocha will lead the charge, and seven ADCC Trials winners will make their ADCC debuts. The potential Fight Sports head to head matchups: Diogo Reis vs Fabricio Andrey, Vagner Rocha vs Alexandre De Jesus & Cyborg Abreu vs Roosevelt Sousa.

66kg: Diogo Reis, Fabricio Andrey

77kg: Mica Galvao

88kg: Vagner Rocha, Alexandre De Jesus "Robinho"

99kg: Joao Costa

99kg+: Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu, Roosevelt Sousa

New Wave Jiu-Jitsu: 7

The team headed by John Danaher will have representatives in every male division at ADCC, including a returning double-gold champion, a prior medalist, and one more returning veteran. The team will send two athletes to each of the heavyweight divisions, meaning potential for second round matchups between Gordon Ryan vs Daniel Manasoiu and Nicholas Meregali vs Luke Griffith.

66kg: Garry Tonon

77kg: Oliver Taza

88kg: Giancarlo Bodoni

99kg: Nicholas Meregali, Luke Griffith

99kg+: Gordon Ryan*, Dan Manasoiu

* Gordon Ryan will also face Andre Galvao in the superfight

10th Planet: 7

Eddie Bravo’s team is stronger than ever in its ADCC numbers this year. A combination of veterans and young guns will look to bring the 10p style to the ADCC mats in Las Vegas with 7 participants. There is potential for second round match-ups between Geo Martinez and Keith Krikorian, and between PJ Barch and Andy Varela; the latter would be a rematch from ADCC West Coast Trials.

66kg: Geo Martinez, Keith Krikorian

77kg: Andy Varela, PJ Barch

99kg: Kyle Boehm

+99kg: Vinny Magalhaes

-60kg: Elvira Karppinen

B-Team: 6

B-Team will have some momentum headed into ADCC, with four of their six athletes coming in as ADCC veterans, and two more hot off of dominant ADCC Trials performances. The team will be represented in each of the five male divisions. The only potential clash between B-Team athletes would occur in the second round at 88kg between Jay Rod vs Izaak Michell.

66kg: Ethan Crelinsten

77kg: Nicky Ryan

88kg: Jay Rodriguez, Izaak Michell

99kg: Craig Jones

99kg+: Nick Rodriguez

Alliance: 5

Two returning champions and two returning silver medalists, Alliance will send many high seeded athletes to ADCC 2022. Only one division, 66kg, has a potential for a second round clash; that would be a rematch from ADCC 2019 between Ruan Alvarenga and silver medalist Kennedy Maciel.

66kg: Ruan Alvarenga, Kennedy Maciel

88kg: Matheus Diniz

99kg: Vinicius "Trator" Ferreira

+60kg: Gabi Garcia