2022 Pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship

See The Athletes Who Qualified For The No-Gi Pans Finals

See The Athletes Who Qualified For The No-Gi Pans Finals

Here are the competitors who pushed through the first day of No-Gi Pans, and will compete in the final rounds on Sunday, October 16.

Oct 16, 2022 by Corey Stockton
See The Athletes Who Qualified For The No-Gi Pans Finals

Day 2 of the 2022 IBJJF No-Gi Pan Championships is in the books, meaning the final three black belt rounds, which will take place on Sunday, October 16, are set.

Each of the men’s weight classes have been whittled down the final eight athletes, while the final two athletes have already been determined in the women’s divisions.

In addition, the male and female open weight finalists have been determined as a result of Saturday’s competition.


Henrique Ceconi submitted two opponents in the first two rounds of the absolute, and won a wrestling shootout in the semifinal. He’ll move on to face Helton Junior, who secured three points victories on his road to the final. The absolute final will be the last match of the day on Sunday.

Elisabeth Clay landed two submissions on her path to the absolute final, where she’ll face Vedha Toscano, who scored one submission in two matches. Clay and Toscano were the no.1 and no.2 seeds. Both are No-Gi World Champions. Clay won double gold at No-Gi Pans in 2021 with six submissions in six matches.

Men’s Roosterweight

Only Chris Tran and Justin Ordinario had to qualify for the final rounds. The remainder of the eight roosterweights earned first round byes into the tournament.

Estevan Martinez vs Chris Tran

Osamah Almarwai vs Justin Ordinario

David Zennario vs Henrique Rossi

Luciano Vieira vs Antonio Villiatora

Men’s Light Featherweight

Rene Lopez and Roiter Lima each won a match today to qualify for the final rounds. The remaining five athletes earned byes. Hiago George will get a bye in the quarters, as both of his potential opponents no-showed the tournament.

Hiago George (bye)

Keven Carrasco vs Pedro Serrano

David Teroa vs Roiter Lima

Bebeto Oliveira vs Rene Lopez

Men’s Featherweight

Gianni Grippo hit a katagatame from half guard to qualify for the tournament, reminiscent of a submission he used twice at last year’s No-Gi Worlds to win the tournament. The multiple time No-Gi World and Pans champ appears primed for another title.

Kyvann Gonzalez was down by 11 points in his qualifying match before putting up a nine-point surge and catching a last minute choke to secure his spot in the quarters.

Gianni Grippo vs Gustavo Dos Santos

Adam Benayoun vs Lucas Silva

Richar Nogueira vs Kyvann Gonzalez

Cameron Adair vs Gavin Corbe

Men’s Lightweight

Johnny Tama, Kieran Kichuk and Deandre Corbe all hit submissions in their opening round to qualify for day two.

Johnny Tama vs Johnata Ramos

Damion Oranday vs Kieran Kichuk

Andrew Alexander vs Danilo Morreira

Deandre Corbe vs Rodrigo Francioni

Men’s Middleweight

Michael Langhi qualified for the final eight in his reported last try for a No-Gi Pans title. Jeferson Guaresi looked dominant to open his tournament, trying to add on his win streak at IBJJF no-gi majors. He won No-Gi Pans and No-Gi Worlds in 2021.

Jed Hue vs Jeferson Guaresi

Breno Maciel vs Omer Emonoely

Michael Langhi vs Matheus Galvao

Francisco Cueno vs Francisco Cuneo

Men’s Medium Heavyweight

Sebastian Rodriguez had one of the most impressive matches of the day to start his No-Gi Pans campaign, securing a submission over Hunter Colvin in a back and forth scrap. Stanley Rosa also submitted his way to the final day in a comeback victory over Bruno Matias.

Sebastian Rodriguez vs Manuel Ribamar

Francisco Lo vs Rodrigo Lopes

Austin Oranday vs Jaime Canuto

Stanley Rosa vs Felipe Ceasr Silva

Men’s Heavyweight

Joao Silva vs Alejandro Tolmos

Pedro Rocha vs Elder Cruz

Charles McGuire (bye)

Vagner Rocha vs Thiago Dalcol

Men’s Super Heavyweight

Devhonte Johnson vs Daniel McGuire

Diego Ramalho vs Thomas Bracher

Henrique Ceconi vs Cassio Felipe Costa

Keenan Cornelius vs Fellipe Trovo

Men’s Ultra Heavyweight

Helton Junior vs Andrew Kimler

Davi Cabral vs Robert Arnett

Max Gimenis vs Salencio Coutinho

Paulo Lanzillotti vs Haisam Rida

Women’s Roosterweight

Amber Rymarz-Freitas vs Jhenifer Aquino

Women’s Light Featherweight

Alex Nguyen’s rear naked choke semifinal victory pits her against Thamyres Aquino in the final.

Thamires Aquino vs Alex Nguyen

Women’s Featherweight

Patricia Machado vs Alex Enriquez

Women’s Lightweight

Ana Rodrigues vs Claire North

Women’s Middleweight

A quick submission for Elisabeth Clay earned another final berth vs Vanessa Griffin.

Elisabeth Clay vs Vanessa Griffin

Women’s Medium Heavyweight

Thalyta Silva vs Bridget McEliece

Women’s Heavyweight

(no competitors)

Women’s Super Heavyweight

Mayara Custodio vs Nathiely de Jesus