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Natã Tenca Taps 5 Of 6 For Double Gold | IBJJF Pans Day 3 Recap

Mar 23, 2024

Nata Tenca took purple belt double gold, defeating six opponents on the day, and tapping five of them with the same straight footlock. The Atos super heavyweight has proven a footlock specialist in his last few years at purple belt, but this was hands down his most dominant performance.

Rafael Gamba of Alliance won the lightweight division with a perfect 100% submission rate in five matches. Gamba is set to return to Brasileiro next month with aspirations for a second consecutive title.

Gregor Gracie student Enzo Silva looked like a veteran all day, winning the medium heavyweight division. He utilized his trademark omoplata to sweep all day, and on several occasions he earned smother submissions from mount.

AOJ's Mateo Cordona showed off his impressive guard passing skills all day to win the middleweight division, picking up three victories, and the gold for his team.

Devin Riley of TLI secured gold in the light featherweight division, earning several submissions including a footlock in the final. This is his second straight IBJJF major gold. He closed out in the final with teammate Quinton Dixon at Euros earlier thisyear.

Dream Art put three gold medalists on the podium at purple belt today:

João Victor Bolinho at ultra heavyweight, Igor Riberio at heavyweight, and Bruno Costa at featherweight

That puts Dream Art in second place in the team standings as colored belt action concludes, two points behind frontrunner, Alliance.

AOJ sits in third with 41 points.

The black belt divisions start on Saturday morning with the absolute division, which includes names like Gutemberg Pereira, Andy Murasaki and Diego Pato.