picture of Catch Up With Kennedy Maciel Ahead Of Who's Number One

Watch and see how Kennedy Maciel is preparing for his upcoming super fight with Geo Martinez at Who's Number One.

Kennedy Maciel on ADCC, Geo and Being #1

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Everything About Kennedy Maciel: Geo Martinez, Learning at ADCC & Being #1

Nov 30, 2020

In this extended sit down interview with current #1-ranked grappler Kennedy Maciel you'll learn all about his road to becoming one of the best, what he learned at ADCC and why he's looking forward to his showdown with Geo Martinez.

Interview Notes: 

1:00 - Introductions

4:00 - Moving to Los Angeles

6:00 - Starting jiu jitsu at 16 years old

9:00 - Achieving black belt

12:00 - Looking back on ADCC

16:00 - Tye Ruotolo match

20:00 - On Geo Martinez and Who's Number One

23:00 - 10th Planet

25:00 - Fight to Win submission over Junny

28:00 - Mindset

31:00 - Kennedy predicts Rodolfo vs Kaynan

35:00 - Analyzing his match with Geo