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What Happens To The ADCC 2022 Superfight?

May 24, 2021

As the winner of the 2019 ADCC absolute division Gordon Ryan became the challenger for the ADCC superfight title, as held by Andre Galvao. A four-time ADCC superfight champion, Galvao has held the title since 2013 but he is as good as retired at this point, having competed only once since 2018. That was the year he decided to step away from tournaments, and he hinted that his 2019 superfight with Felipe Pena would be his last. Galvao teased his desire to face Gordon, but it was never a certainty that he would return.

With the future of that match always in doubt due to Andre’s age (he would turn 40 on the day of the match), the fact that Galvao seemed to be holding out for more money than ADCC were willing to pay, and of course their infamous physical altercation backstage at WNO in February, eyes turned toward a suitable replacement.

The rumor was that Pena would be invited to face Gordon in the superfight. Pena is one of the few men to hold wins over Gordon in competition, and the only person to have ever submitted him as a black belt. It was about as good a replacement as you could possibly hope for, but with both Gordon and Galvao’s status up in the air who knows what ADCC will do?