picture of Tezos WNO: Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho

Tezos WNO went down on Friday, January 21 and featured Craig Jones vs Pedro Marinho for the light-heavyweight title in Dallas.


Tye Ruotolo Wants The 205lb Belt, But May Need To Face His Twin Brother Kade First

Jan 24, 2022

“I’m sure we’re going to scrap for it at some point, Kade is so competitive and he wants the belt. He’s over cutting to 155, he’s even bigger than me right now, he’s all fat. We’ll be getting it pretty soon for sure. I’ve got to try and get the heavier one, the title match after me, Craig and Marinho. That’d be sick, to have the opportunity to get three belts.

“That’s the goal. If I can start building some muscle and you guys want to give me the fight, I’d love to be able to fight for that one as well. Have my brother and I defending all the belts, that’d be sick.”