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The 8 Wildest Moments From WNO In 2021

Shocks & Upsets: The 8 Wildest Moments From WNO In 2021

Jan 10, 2022

2021 was a colossal year for Who's Number One. Over the course of the year, a recurring theme popped up event - expectations be damned - something out of left field was going to steal the show.  

Here's our list of the top 8 shocks and upsets from WNO in 2021

  1. Tim Spriggs submits Kaynan Duarte to capture the WNO heavyweight title. 
  2. Amanda Leve takes out 4x ADCC Champ Gabi Garcia.
  3. Gabriel Sousa finishes Mikey Musumeci with A North/South choke.
  4. Grace Gundrum hits the first 'Twister' submission in WNO history. 
  5. Jacob Couch heel hooks Roberto Jimenez. 
  6. Kade Ruotolo unleashes the 'Buggy' Choke on jiu-jitsu's biggest stage. 
  7. Teenage phenom Cole Abate earns dominant victory over Geo Martinez. 
  8. Gordon Ryan calls his shot, picks the winning submission before his main event match even begins.