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Interviews with Gordon Ryan, Felipe Pena, John Danaher and more about the August 7th Tezos WNO event!

Felipe Pena's Plan to Submit Gordon Ryan

Felipe Pena's Plan to Submit Gordon Ryan | Tezos WNO: Ryan vs Pena Interview

Aug 4, 2022

WNO play-by-play commentator Hywel Teague sits down with Felipe Pena to ask the hard hitting questions ahead of the match with Gordon Ryan. How does Felipe Pena plan to win? How do Gordon's mind games affect him? What can the fans expect? All this and more. 

00:35 – How Felipe Pena is "happy" to face Gordon again 

01:27 – On dealing with anxiety and nerves before a match 

03:12 – How all the pressure is on Gordon 

04:14 – Felipe on being "100% confident" he can win the match against Gordon 

06:56 – Gordon is a monster, but "I am a monster, too", says Pena

08:43 – Pena on why he thinks his jiu-jitsu is better than Gordon's 

10:34 – How Pena deals with Gordon's psychological warfare and mind games 

12:52 – How Felipe thinks he will submit Gordon Ryan and how the match will go 

14:37 – What Pena believes is the key to victory in this no-time limit match 

15:58 – What Pena thinks Gordon's strategy will be 

17:12 – Felipe's thoughts on Gordon Ryan vs Pedro Marinho 

19:18 – Pena's honest opinion on how he feels about Gordon as a person 

21:17 – What the fans can expect from Gordon Ryan vs Felipe Pena III